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     In ITunes, you have to press enter or space on the "Store" radio buppon 
and then you will hear a kind of swooshing noise to let you know the ITunes 
store is available.  Shift Tab until you hear "search". Type in the album 
you want to look for and tab past the "Store" radio button.  You can move 
around the page just like you would a web page.  To enter your gift card 
information, I think you have to go to your payment options under "My 
Account" first; I don't think you will have the option to enter them after 
clicking that you want to "buy" the album(s). Hope this helps!  You can also 
use your phone (if you have IPhone) to do this.

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hello all,

I hope that you all are having a good evening. i'm trying to purchase
a album through the iTunes store via the internet or through the
iTunes ap that I have on my computer. I got a few gift cards for
Christmas and, I want to use them. I was wondering on how you go
aboiut in finding and purchasing albums or songs in the iTunes store
on your computer by using jfw? I have tried doing this myself and, i'm
having problems.. are there some shortcuts by using iTunes with jfw?
thanks again and, I will talk to you all soon!


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