[Perform-Talk] It's A Night Of Great Music With Our High Energy Party On The Djd Invasion Tonight

David Dunphy theglobe.195 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 22:43:03 UTC 2019

Hello There!
First, happy Veteran's Day tomorrow to those who have served the US
with honor and bravery, and much love to anyone on here who has a vet
in their family! Of course, even if you don't, we think you're pretty
awesome though too!
So let's celebrate the love for those who have served the country, and
love in general with The Djd Invasion High Energy Party on 195 The
Globe tonight!
The fun begins at 8 PM eastern (7 PM central, 6 PM mountain, 5 PM
Pacific) exclusively on the globe, and will feature upbeat songs that
will make you feel good, make you want to tap those toes/snap your
fingers/ move in your chair, or whatever it is you do to groove to
some awesome musical jams!
Add to the mix by making requests using our request page at
30 minutes prior to the show start time of 8 PM eastern, and until
show's end. And shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but you'll notice something
interesting in the title bar of your player for those who do request
using that page... But... Where was I again???
Then at any time during the show, you can either
1. Ask your smart speaker like google or alexa to play 195 The Globe on Tunein
2. Install Tunein on your mobile device and search for, then listen
to, 195 The Globe
3. Visit
to tune in.

Finally, I like meeting with and talking with my listeners during a
show, so if you'd like to be part of that, you can during the show by
1. Calling me at
408 638 0968
and enter in the ID
which spells out GlobeOnAir
followed by the pound sign twice.
2. If you already have zoom on your pc or mac, visit
to join right away, just make sure computer audio gets turned on so we
can hear you.
3. If you've used zoom on your mobile device, hit join meeting and type in
and make sure to turn on internet audio.
4. Or, just visit
for all the details on joining me in the virtual cloud studios!
Tonight promises to be fun, and will leave you feeling good, so make
sure you check out The Djd Invasion at 8 PM eastern tonight for 4
hours of fun!
See you there!
>From David Dunphy

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