[Perform-Talk] Disney Plus Working With Apple TV Fourth Generation

Peter Donahue pdonahue2 at satx.rr.com
Thu Nov 14 04:05:40 UTC 2019

Good evening everyone,


                The better part of this afternoon was spent installing and
exploring the Apple TV App for Disney Plus. Since I already created a Disney
Plus account it was a simple matter of logging in with my E-mail and
password and I was in business. Voiceover read all of the fields and labels.
All movie titles along with the "Play" and "Add to My Watch List" were read


                Unlike Amazon Prime Video from what I could tell the Disney
Plus App doesn't give you the option of continuing where you paused a
selection or restarting it from the beginning. It would be nice if this
enhancement is included in a future release. Other wize the Apple TV App
works quite well with Voiceover.


                The Disney Plus App includes many titles some of which are
new and there are lots of old friends here too. So far we have over 100
titles on our Disney Plus Watch List.    I'd also love to see them include
many of the programs they used to show on The Disney Channel when it was
worth watching. We used to watch the specials about the various Disney Theme
Parks and other Disney documentaries.


                I was pleasantly surprised to find "The Yellowstone Cubs"
among these offerings. This was one movie narated by Rex Allen Junior. He
also narated several other Disney productions including Charlie The Lonesome
Cougar, and The City Fox to name a few. I used to love watching the Disney
True Life Adventure films when they were shown. They have several of these
titles on Disney Plus. I hope they add more in the months and years ahead. 


                It would be wonderful if one could submit suggestions of
Disney films to be included. Several more that come to mind are Mustang, The
White Hawk, The Boy and His Eagle, Atta Girl Kelly, Love Leads The Way, The
Scare Crow Of Romni Marsh, Comanche, The Three Lives Of Thomasina,I'll think
of more in time. Hay all you Old Yeller fans it's in the Disney Plus
collection. All the best.


Peter Donahue





                So far we're up and running with Disney Plus on our desktop,
and Apple TV. We plan to upgrade our iPhones and will install the Disney
Plus App on those as well.

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