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David Andrews dandrews920 at comcast.net
Sun Sep 8 13:49:22 UTC 2019

A farewell radio show from our colleague, and former NFB Board Member 
Ed McDonald from West Virginia.


>Dear Friends,
>We know that there are those events--some ceremonial and some 
>circumstantial--which mark milestones in our lives.  Sometimes we 
>don't recognize them until after they occur, but this one is pretty 
>clearly a milestone.
>Tomorrow night will be the last time my voice is heard statewide 
>(and even worldwide, for that matter) as host of a weekly radio show 
>on West Virginia Public Broadcasting (WVPB).  I knew in my gut that 
>it was time to retire and move on, and so it is something I have 
>been planning for some time.  !  Nevertheless, the end came a little 
>more quickly and in a way that I had not anticipated.  I declared 
>that I wanted to conclude production of the show by the end of 2019, 
>but asked the folks at WVPB to decide on an ending date that would 
>work best for them.  As a result of an overlooked email message 
>(it's Outlook's fault, if anyone is to blame), I learned just two 
>days before the delivery deadline that this Sunday, September 8, 
>would be my last WVPB broadcast.  This meant some quick decisions 
>about what to say and what to play for an appropriate farewell 
>show.  Ultimately, it was better this way, since it prevented a slow 
>and agonizing demise.  For those who care to hear the result, it 
>will be tomorrow evening at 8:00 on WV Public Broadcasting
>With Karen's constant help, I have been doing some kind of weekly 
>music show on the radio for about 25 years, and so closing a chapter 
>that has been such a significant part of our lives for so long is a 
>big deal.  Maybe I'll reflect a little more on the business of 
>life's decisions and transitions and the role that blindness has 
>played in all of that during our upcoming convention of the National 
>Federation of the Blind of West Virginia, but that's a different 
>story for another time.
>Meanwhile, perhaps the most important part of this milestone event 
>is that we will now be able to extend our love of radio and music 
>even more fully into the work of building Mountain Streams Radio, 
>our local little LPFM station, into something valuable and 
>sustainable for the music and for the community.
>I will not add further to the drama of the occasion.  Just something 
>I wanted to share with some of you who may care.  So let me send it 
>before I overthink it!
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