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>Dear Members of the Jobs and Rehab Listservs and President McGinnity:
>My son, Adam Davis, is a filmmaker.  His long time mentor is John August,
>who wrote the script for "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", along with
>lots of other things.  John is looking for a blind teenager around 15
>years old to star in a movie, "The Shadows", that he is making.  Below is
>the casting notice:
>Some points that should interest everyone: John August is a big name in
>the film industry.  He will get the financial support he needs to make
>this film. He is also a person of high integrity.  He is looking for a
>blind person, is willing to work with someone who is not a professional
>actor, and he wants a real blind person who thinks and acts like a blind
>person.  He will not accept a sighted actor, and if he cannot find a good
>blind one, he won't make the film.  When you read his casting notice, you
>will see how hard he is willing to work to accommodate an inexperienced
>Auditioning is simple; you use the scripts he supplies and make a video of
>yourself auditioning for the part.  They will examine the videos and
>decide who they want to talk to.  The notice reads fine on JAWS.  The PDF
>script, according to a friend of mine, has some run-together words, but
>John offers Word and other script options too, plus the script is in the
>notice. Pretty accessible, it seems to me.
>I cannot offer any more information on this, so please direct your
>questions to Mr. August.  Please pass this on to any other blind people
>who want a start in acting.
>Best wishes,
>Dick Davis, Chair
>NFB Employment Committee

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