[Perform-Talk] Rainsong graphite acoustic guitar, musicman electric guitar, and g and l bass guitar for sale.

Cameron Strife cameron at cameronstrife.com
Thu Sep 26 22:52:11 UTC 2019

Hello everyone. Just tossing this out there in case any of you are
interested! I am selling three instruments. Details below! Prices
include packing, shipping, tracking, and insurance to the lower 48
states. Pay pal preferred.

To purchase, please e-mail me off list: cameron at cameronstrife.com

1. Rainsong HDR1100 graphite acoustic/electric guitar with hard case.

Made in the USA. This right handed six string Rainsong dreadnought is
a cannon of a guitar! The body is made from a mix of graphite and
fiber glass. The bridge and neck are made entirely of graphite. It has
a dual action truss rod, tusk nut and saddle, pic guard, and on board
electronics with sound hole mounted volume and tone controls. The
setup is fantastic and she sounds great unplugged or plugged in.
Because it's made of graphite and fiber glass, it is not effected by
temperature or humidity so you'll never get bowing, warping, cracking,
and you don't have to worry about yearly setups, outdoor gigs,
storage, and you never have to worry about filling or replacing a case
humidifier as there is no need for one! Excellent condition with no
issues or damage. Never gigged. Hard case with key included.

2. G and L Tribute electric bass guitar.

Solid body four string right handed bass. This bass has two pickups,
UV protective high gloss finish, and is modeled after a Fender jazz.
Only used for recording. No issues and no wear, never gigged.

$549 with a new gig bag.

$729 with new hard case.

3. MusicMan Sterling electric guitar with DiMarzio pickups.

This is a nearly mint MusicMan Sterling Steve Lukather signature
 electric guitar. Original owner, never gigged, no issues, excellent

 I had the stock pickups professionally upgraded to a DiMarzio
 Liquifire in the neck position and a DiMarzio crunch lab in the bridge
 position. These are the exact same pickups that John Petrucci has on
 many of his signature guitars. They are great for classic rock, metal,
 blues, punk, sca, fusion, funk, you get the idea! (This was not cheap
 but the results are amazing!)

 Features include a vintage style non locking trem, high gloss UV
 protective finish on the body, a five way pickup selector, one tone
 and one volume with a push/push active 12db boost which is really
 handy, roasted maple neck with hand rubbed gunstock and wax finish,
 locking tuners, and five bolt neck mounting which is very stable.

 It's setup for .10s and plays/sounds great!

 Includes whammy bar, accessories, the original pickups, and a gig bag
 or new hard case.

 $849 with the gig bag.

 $979 with a brand new hard case.



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