[Perform-Talk] Asking for your thoughts concerning a Recent Situation.

annedonnellon at gmail.com annedonnellon at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 20:07:26 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well.

I know some of you are aware that I am to start a voice teaching job at a Catholic School in the fall, but there has been some uncertainty surrounding that.  Although the principal has been friendly and civil to me, she has also in my view, dropped some hints that it might not work out: Either because they only have money to pay a teacher to come one day a week, they want to gauge the interest of students, and last year, the music teacher left because the kids were making fun of her accent.  (Well,to that, I say shame on the school for not training the students in diversity and respecting people of differences.)

Well, the latest is, I followed up with the principal yet again because next Tuesday is my day to come in and observe, except for one problem…

She said that the music teacher “quit the day before school started, so there are no music classes to observe.”  I have it in writing😉.

Does anyone else feel suspicious about that statement?  I mean, how could a teacher quit before school even starts?  It’s just not adding up in mind!

While that may be true, and some other opportunity may have come along for said perspective music teacher, given the communication we’ve had, it just seems awfully convenient and that there’s a subtext underneath that response.

We’re supposed to have a follow-up conversation tomorrow afternoon, and you bet I’m going to follow up!  So my conflict is: While I do not want to burn a bridge and cry fowl for no reason, I don’t want to let her down easy.  I have asked, time and time again,

“Are you sure you do not have any concerns as to how I, as a blind person will be an effective teacher” and she has not indicated that she has other than what I’ve just said.

Or am I just knocking on a locked door at this point?

Your prayers would be appreciated as well. ❤


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