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Greetings All,


FYI: I received yesterday a wonderful thing from Barbara Cheadle. It is a
bi-ligual edition of a great book that seems comparable to the wrightslaw
book on IDEA and IEP's. Please if any of you have a Spanish speaking family
pass this book information along. If the family can not purchase it perhaps
you could provide assistance or ask your affiliate president for assistance
in getting it. The book is in Spanish and in English. It was done by Randy
Chapman, the director of legal services for the Legal Center for People with
Disabilities in Colorado. I am so thrilled to have found out about this book
as I have met more and more Spanish speaking families who could really
benefit from this book.


Here is the book info:


Title: The Everyday Guide to Special Education Law; Guia De La Ley De
Educacion Especial; Una Guia para Padres, Maestros y Otros Profesionales


ISBN Number: 978-0-9770179-1-1


To find more: 

Contact: Shaira Cruz at 800-786-1764 prguru at prpr.net




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