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In my office, the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Division for blind Services, there is the Childrens Program counselors who carry the childrens caseloads, help the fmailies and kids get whatever training and aids thy need, go to their ARDs, plan activities for them, etc. For example we have a one week summer camp that Childrens Programs is in charge of, and at the moment we have a month long program going on where Saturday mornings we have some of the small children coming out and learning about golf. Then there is being a Teacher of the Visually Impaired that you could persue if you were wanting to work within the school districts. 

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Subject: [Pibe-division] A career question

I am researching my options for a masters in early childhood special education.
What are some of the careers that one can specialize in that focuses on working with blind/vi children from birth to age eight?
What kind of advocate positions are there?
If there are people on this list that are either advocates, for families, or work with blind/vi children birth to age eight.
What advice would you give me?
Have a blessed day.
Melissa R. Green
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