[Pibe-division] Nice Article on Enhancing Braille Fluency - Dispelling the Myth that Braille is Slow

DrV pumpkinracer at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 10:30:00 CDT 2009

In case some of you may have not yet seen it, here is a really nice article
entitled “Double Your Pleasure—Double Your Speed” that really does 2 things:
1) the author describes techniques on how individuals can doubled or tripled
their speeds & 2) it helps dispel the myth that braille is slow, for it
describes how blind individuals can read at speeds of over 300, 400 & even
over 500 words per minute. Here is the direct link:

Here are 2 other articles that discuss braille reading speed:

1. Building Braille Reading Speed: Some Helpful Suggestions, also by Jerry
Whittle, can be found at http://nfb.org/legacy/bm/bm93/brlm9305.htm#11

2. Braille Reading Speed: Are You Willing to Do What It Takes? by Susan Ford
and Ramona Walhof (http://nfb.org/legacy/bm/bm99/bm990604.htm)


Eric Vasiliauskas
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