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SmartView Xtend: Size up your work to cuceed

HumanWare is proud to announce that we are 
offering a second stimulation package to our educational accounts.

Our first package announced was with our renowned 
myReader 2. The price was lowered from $4,995 to 
$3,995, which is a savings of $1,000. This 
special runs through September 30, 2009.

Our second Stimulation package is with our flag 
ship Video Magnifier called the SmartView Xtend 
19" color/auto focus unit. The retail price is 
$2,695 and our stimulation package is slashing 
the price to $2,000 which is a savings of $695. 
This special ends on July 1, 2009.

The SmartView Xtend is a great tool in the 
classroom for a child with vision impairments. 
Handouts and books don't have to be enlarged with 
a copier or ordered in large print, as the Xtend 
can magnify over 50 times what is viewed 
instantly, helping the child and the teacher save 
time. In a Special Day Class, the Xtend can be 
customized for each student, with its 
programmable high-contrast colors and preset zoom 
button. It can also help distance viewing on the 
blackboard in both environments, by plugging in 
any camcorder. Finally, its modularity and 
upgradeability make it perfect for the school or 
district to order what they need today, but have 
the option to add more features as needs of the school or children change.

There are several other configurations of the 
SmartView Xtend. If you desire further 
information, please visit our website at: 
If you would like a demonstration of this product 
feel free to call our toll free number, 
1-800-722-3393 (hit #3 for customer service).

Thank you for your continued interest in 
HumanWare's products for blind, low vision and learning disabilities.

©2007 HumanWare. 
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