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Albert--Exactly--we don't know until we know and then WOW aren't we glad we learned

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>It is a wonderful day when I learn something  new that I can apply to my
>daily life. I know what I know and I know what I don't know. How wonderful
>to be made aware of things I didn't even know I needed to know or could.
>Peace and thanks.
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>JAWS spelling magic
>Jaws offers up a great spell check option that WORD cannot.
>Word offers you the applications key any time you misspell a word. Open word
>and misspell any word, arrow into it and then hit your applications key.
>Those of you who do not know what the applications key is, on a desktop
>keyboard, it is the 3rd key to the right of the space bar. It is the key you
>most likely have never used because you have no idea what it does. It is a
>very powerful key. Any time you do not know how to spell a word, spell it
>out the best you can, then hit that applications key and it will give you
>the correct spelling...that is as long as you have not misspelled it so
>badly WORD really has no idea what you want.
>The next spell check in WORD is F7. I will provide a lesson on that later
>on, as it is very involved.
>But the power spell check for JAWS is ALT+SHIFT+L. Try it out. Open word,
>misspell several words, then hit the command ALT+SHIFT+L and it will bring
>up your misspelled words and tell you how many you have in the document. Hit
>enter on the word and you will pop back exactly to the word, hit your
>applications key and enter on the correct spelling. Repeat the command
>ALT+SHIFT+L and continue until all words are correctly spelled.
>Today, as I showed one of my students this power command, I could hear her
>smile across the miles of our virtual screen. She lit up the room and once
>again, she is shown how technology is making her life so much easier. 
>       Denise 
>Denise M. Robinson, TVI, Ph.D. 
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>Specialist in blind programming/teaching/training
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