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Breaking BAD HABITS 
Bad Habits have many names, but the one that prevails in the blind field is "blindisms". A Blindism may be rocking, poking eyes, pressing or 
hitting oneself, light gazing and a plethora of other things. 

We all have bad habits and the only way to get rid of one is to do 
something else consistently for a minimum of 30 days. Yes, you can take 
the "Will Power" route and say you are just going to break the habit. In
  general, I have NOT seen this work. Where I see success is exchanging 
one habit for another less noticeable or offensive habit. Oh yes and the
 most critical is you have to get that person on board with changing the
 habit. You will have to show them there is something better and a 
better consequence will occur if they get rid of the bad habit.

If you take drugs or smoke, you have a chemical bond to break in your 
body , which makes it very difficult to break such a habit. With a body 
injuring technique or unusual movement, that no one else does and 
everyone stares at you while you do it,  you have some sort of 
psychological need of doing a particular habit and is also a bond. It is
 giving them stimulation that they are being rewarded by and they don't 
particularly care what others think, when young....and by the time the 
habit is so well worn it, everyone is making fun of them by now, and the
 child feels they cannot break it when they really want to....story continues on http://blindgeteducated.blogspot.com/
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