[Pibe-division] The Problem with TOO Much Help

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My 2 thoughts:
1. I agree with Wendy - The reality is that to cut costs, we are now seeing
more nurses aides, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, OT & PT
aides, there has been talk of O&M instructional aides.
2. Broad-brush statements about aides being good or bad aren't necessarily
productive as they certainly don't apply to all situations. If an aide is
deemed beneficial by that student's IEP Team (which should include the
parents & at least 2 VI professionals - the TVI & O&M instructor) & a
particular aide is not providing appropriate support, then they need to be
properly trained. One of the problems is that there is no standard training
program for aides - it may be left up to the non-VI district professionals
or the TVI. Based on our experience, most of the aide training does not
happen beforehand, but rather "on the job" in piecemeal on-the-fly. If an
aide is trained properly, they are more likely to be an asset, particularly
in mainstreamed settings where the TVI may only be at the students school a
few times a week.

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> VI aides can not work without the supervision of a VI teacher. ****
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> Just so you know TVIs cost *a lot* more than aides.  (For our districts
> services, we can get, at a minimum, 8 hours of aide time for the price of 1
> hour of TVI time.)  If school funding is cut, in many cases it will be the
> TVI time that is cut.  No contest!  The only exception will be students with
> strong parent advocates.  In these tough fiscal times districts make some
> tough calls that we may all not agree with, but that is reality.****
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> Wendy Molle****
> Schoharie Elementary****
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