[Pibe-division] Secrets to Getting Every Computer to Speak

Dr. Denise M. Robinson dmehlenbacher at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 20 10:42:41 CDT 2011

Secrets to Getting Every Computer to Speak 
Narrator is built into every PC computer, if you are running Microsoft products and their operating systems (OS).

If you are using talking software already and you use the following 
hotkey, the double speech may get annoying, so turn it off. Narrator is a
 basic program. If you do not have talking software on your machine and 
need to get it installed, this is a way you can do it independently. It 
is a basic talking program and does not come close to a speech program 
such as JAWS, but it does help you to get things setup.

In Windows 7, Hit your Start Key+U also known as the  Windows key with 
the Logo+ U -  hit ALT+N to start narrator...if you are blind, you are 
going to walk by faith as you turn on your computer with NO speech and 
just do those 2 commands and narrator will start speaking to you. A 
dialog box will open with options, just TAB through to select the ones 
you want to use and continue with your work on the machine.

In XP, hitting the Start Key+U will immediately get Narrator talking. A 
dialog box will open with options--down arrow to listen to the options, 
then TAB to your next options, then TAB to OK.

This is a wonderful option for anyone who needs speech to get things 
setup on his or her new computer or fix one where the speech has gone 
Denise M. Robinson, TVI, Ph.D. 
CEO, TechVision
Specialist in blind technology/teaching/training
email:  yourtechvision at gmail.com
Website with hundreds of lessons: yourtechvision.com 
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