[Pibe-division] Bind/Low Vision software for Cognitively or Memory Challenged

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Oct 20 14:55:30 CDT 2011

Have you gotten it to work with BARD.  I tried when it first came 
out, and couldn't -- so I gave up!


At 01:59 PM 10/20/2011, Dr. Denise M. Robinson wrote:

>Vison software for Cognitively or Memory Challenged
>This software has been around for more than a year but I did not 
>have a chance to try it out until today.
><http://adaptivevoice.com/>CDesk is a very basic talking software 
>program for older adults who have lost sight or cognitively 
>challenged children in school who cannot remember hundreds of 
>commands to make their computer do what they want it to do. I have 
>trained many adults and I can tell you, the challenge in remembering 
>all these commands starts in the late 20's, so when I say older, you 
>may be included in this category where technology is concerned.
>CDesk offers several enlarged fonts for viewing. White letters on 
>Black is the most popular, but it has other options too. Any major 
>command begins with the Alt key, so that is only 1 thing to 
>remember. Even if you do not remember ALT-the TAB key will move you 
>through every option and ENTER opens the option. The Main menu consists of:
>You can download books straight from Bookshare or BARD. If you are 
>looking for games for blind children and adults, it has that in the 
>Media Center. Simple email that you are already on is incredibly 
>easy to navigate and use. Anything you scan can also be brought 
>right into the CDesk Word and the same commands that you use for 
>word processing are used now for your scanned object.
>Enlarging your page is simple and easy with the F12 key, so when you 
>go into an email that has pictures, you can enlarge them enough to 
>see them, true for Internet browsing and the other programs in CDesk too.
>If you have tremors or palsy in your hands, the company will be 
>putting out a new speech program soon, which works off of CDesk 
>basic commands already, so it is easy to verbally command your 
>computer to do what you need it to do. Your voice just needs to be 
>loud enough to be heard by the mic. It has also come out with a 
>simple small camera that will take a picture of any print work and 
>put it on the CDesk format on your computer for you to immediately 
>have feedback.
>The more I work with this software, the more I see its potential for 
>those who have difficulties remembering all those commands. In 
>addition, the company: <http://adaptivevoice.com/>adaptivevoice 
>offers the option to buy a computer, monitor, printer, scanner and 
>software for $1999. Within that agreement is Best Buy will come out 
>and set it up for you. So you can be set up to go in a very short time.
>        Denise
>Denise M. Robinson, TVI, Ph.D.
>CEO, TechVision
>Specialist in blind technology/teaching/training
>email:  <mailto:deniserob at gmail.com>yourtechvision at gmail.com
>Website with hundreds of lessons: yourtechvision.com
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