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I frequently get PDF documents in two forms. Adobe will open both, their Acrobat Reader program is free. If they just scan the document in, and send it as a scanned PDF, all you get is the graphical image, and your screen reader (except for JAWS 13 which has an OCR (optical character recognition) engine built in to it, will not read it. If this be the case you will need to run it through an OCR to read it. Now MS Word used to have one built in, but I haven't found one in Office 10 yet.

If they actually take the time to convert the scanned PDF into one with real text in it, then you can read it with your screen reader. Talk to the workshop people and see how they have the document. They probably do not know the difference in the PDF's. Have them send you a sample, and see if you can open it. Good luck.

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