[Pibe-division] Graphing Materials for college level Mathematics

EricGuillory at aol.com EricGuillory at aol.com
Wed Apr 4 11:46:52 CDT 2012

Hi Gail, 
This is a question with which many people struggle and puzzle over.  I look 
forward to vigorous and informative discussion in this regard from our  
Outside of a few positive reviews, commentary on the Audio Graphing  
Calculator (AGC) has largely been negative—unless one has the luxury of access  to 
a compatible embosser on which the graphs can be produced for hardcopy 
study.  With this in view, it may be in your friend’s best interest to hire a 
reader  familiar with the content at hand and to utilize tactile graph paper 
(available  through the American Printing House for the Blind), Wikki Stix, 
puff paint, push  pins, string, etc. to construct requisite graphs. As big of 
a proponent as I am  of the truly fantastic technological advances we have 
witnessed over the past  decade, the low-tech approach is sometimes the best 
approach. This may be a case  in which that holds true. 
Again, I encourage everyone to contribute to the dialogue for the  benefit 
of all. And, may each of you enjoy a wonderful Easter  holiday. 
Eric Guillory, PIBE President 
Director of Youth Services 
Louisiana Center for the Blind 

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gbryant at socket.net writes:

I have a friend looking for graphing materials appropriate  for 
college-level mathematics. Can someone help me out here? 
Gail Bryant 
Columbia Braille Teaching  Services L.L.C. 
1212 London  Drive 
Columbia, MO  65203-2012 
Phone:  (573)817-5993 
Cell:  (573)268-4962 
_gbryant at socket.net_ (mailto:gbryant at socket.net)  

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