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I know thiis was posted almost 2 months ago about the IEP goals. Sorry I am just now getting to this. I used the California Braille and Braile Mathematics Standards for my student's IEP.  There are also technology goals in there as well. You can do a google search for these and then download the manuals.
Hope this helps, if not for this year at least for future years.

Cindi Eskew

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Thanks for your information. 
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>Hi Zephra; 
>My first suggestion is for you in the future to  save your Iep goal and short term objectives on a Microsoft word document so  if you can't find your Iep goal that you input using your online Iep system  that you  have a way of rewriting your goal. I have one resource to  suggest to look up goals and short term objectives at www.tsbvi..edu type in the search bos VI  goals and you'll be given various skills with goals and under each goal short  term objectives. You can use the ideas as a sproing board to write up iep goal  and short term objectives for your students. I've used the resource to write  clear and precise Iep goal and short term objerectives for my student  population which consists students with multiple disabilities who ar blind  sand visually impaired. The above resource assisted me tremendously. Good luck  rewriting your IewpEp goal and short term objectives. I've learn that the goal  needs to be worded spospecifically and indicate how
 it is measured. This is  known as smart goals and the short term objectives can be referred to as  bencyhmarks. I may have a website to let you learn how to write iep goal and  short term objectives using this format. Many states require Iep goals and  short term objectives to be written up in this fashion. For the past three  years, I have been following the above wording. Smart refers to the goal being  specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bouound. You can write me  offlist for further ways to the goal using this criteria if your state and  school district require the implementation the above criteria. Good  luck! 
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