[Pibe-division] can any individual when one is able to visit assistive technology exhibits during nfb convention

Jewel herekittykat2 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 14:58:53 CDT 2013

Try looking through the schedule for "vendor hall" times. As far as
I'm aware, they are everyday, and when I went to convention, the
vendor's hall was open for most of the day. Now, you might not connect
vendor's hall with AT exhibits, but most, if not all, of the vendors
also exhibit their products and are more than happy to show you
exactly how it works and give you an introduction. The convention
vendor's hall was where I got my first look at the Victor Reader
Stratus, the iBill, and some other really cool products. This is also
where the Independence Market will be, and that includes the vast
number of volumes of literature available. I mean, there were like ten
tables overflowing with literature and Kernel books and the like! I
was in Braille heaven, and took home way more than I should have (but
have read most of it and have plans to read the rest)! I'm not sure
where you would look to find out which vendors will be there, but I
think I recall it being written in the downloadable schedule

I hope that gets you started,

On 4/4/13, Sara Rooz <sararooz at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi: can anyone on this list inform me  during which dates from July 1-6
> 2013,  attendees of the NFB convention can visit the assistive technology
> exhibits  of various vendors of assistive technology? Thanks for any
> assistance.
> Sara Rooz

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