[Pibe-division] My facebook group for anyone working twith the blind

adrijana prokopenko adrijana.prokopenko at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 17:28:36 UTC 2016

I expended my other facebook group for special education university
students and teachers and parents of blind children, so even if you do
other things for the blind like volunteer, do rehab work, teach them
at universities or work as psychologists or counselors, you can still
join. Feel free to read again.

   I recently created a facebook group for teachers and parents of blind
   children and for university students who are studying to become
   teachers to the blind, as well as professors, psychologist,
counselors, doctors, volunteers or anyone else who is connected to
them in some ways. They should feel free to join no matter if they
   are blind or sighted. The group can be found by search as:
   Students, teachers and parents of the visually impaired
   or by clicking on the link below and opening the join group button.

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