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Remember globalization? We got to immitate nations like you if we want
to go into the European union and even then, they will never accept
us! Lol.

On 3/21/16, Kristin Shumann via PIBE-Division <pibe-division at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Oh wow!  I thought it was just a United States thing!  We are getting it
> here too... documenting, testing, record keeping, and on and on!
> Administrators sit in their offices and figure out what else they can get
> us to do.  I don't know what the solution is either.  I am looking more
> forward to retirement though!
> Kristin,
> Illinois, USA
> On Sat, Mar 19, 2016 at 8:49 AM, adrijana prokopenko via PIBE-Division <
> pibe-division at nfbnet.org> wrote:
>>  Hi all,
>>  I am a teacher of English in Macedonia and I think I am getting to
>> feel that I am constantly caught up in paperwork, so much so that I no
>> longer feel as a teacher any more. Every year the ministry of
>> education comes up with all kinds of projects, so that we have more
>> paperwork to do and besides the annual programs, daily lesson plans,
>> students individual plans, a portfolio for each one, daily notices of
>> how each one is doing, weekly reports and grades sent out to class
>> teachers and parents, we now have something like ecology planning and
>> information technology planning no matter what subject we teach. We
>> need to incorporate this into our lesson plans as well and on top of
>> all, we need to do reports that headmasters and psychologists were
>> helping out with, that have to do with counting lessons and putting
>> more and more of all this online, which is another trouble because
>> their system and website are not working well for sighted people, let
>> alone for blind people. Since this is a state school, we are not
>> allowed too much flexibility and can't participate in choosing what
>> and when we teach. The textbooks are constantly changing, so I keep
>> brailling each again and again as it comes out and feel that each one
>> is less suitable for my students.  In addition to this, we get more
>> and more students with other learning difficulties and facce with
>> shortages of braillers, so I often find myself brailling for each
>> students all that I need to let them have for each class twice, so
>> that they have a copy and home and not lose it or misplace it and a
>> copy they need to use in class. All this is draining me too much,
>> because I am getting to feel that I also do other peoples work and I
>> am getting to feel less joy when teaching, because now besides
>> teachers, we need to do other things, which is not bad, but when
>> considering that teachers are no longer being protected by schools or
>> through the government, it is just very easy for totally blind
>> teachers to get into all kinds of trouble that they never dreamed of.
>> Many students bring their cel phones and other devices to school, not
>> letting them go during the lessons as well and it makes the whole
>> thing very disruptive and teaching is becoming impossible to do while
>> all this is going on and when teachers feel they can no longer manage
>> things much in a way they think they know how. Our school's policy is:
>> "Just teach and get away with it" because we got less and less
>> students and we may be closed one day" and parents and students know
>> this, so some just relax and keep giving more trouble. I was never a
>> quitter, but am getting to wonder if others experience the same and if
>> there are other similar jobs to this that are as fulfilling, but not
>> so stressful to manage and not so much grade related? I love working
>> with children, but am getting to feel that all this is now for nothing
>> and it is a terrible feeling.
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