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d m gina dmgina at mysero.net
Thu Nov 14 22:55:29 UTC 2019

It seems not to many are talking about the new instant pot.
My friend got the voice on the phone to talk about recipes, where I 
can't seem to get it away from that.
So I call ira to help me out.
Still use the pot, where I would still like to use it more.
What are some of the things you like to fix in it.
My favorite is spaghetti.
It turns out well.
I wish you could have all of the buttons talking, so you could use the 
timer and so fourth.
I do use the timer on it with the help.
Air fryer,
I have an air fryer and love it as well.
Have you tried the turkey breast in it, if so what did you think of it.
I was thinking of doing a turkey breast in it, but they turn out so 
well in the crock pot I probably will stay with that.
Also, the new oven from amazon,
I would love to have the new oven from amazon.
This has three in one.
Oven frier and micro wave.
I would hope that it would be long for a nine by thirteen to put in it.
just some thoughts,
list has been quiet.

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