[Small-Appliance-Cooking] Your Experiences with the Ninja Foodi Multicooker

Doug Payne doug_Payne at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 3 19:11:39 UTC 2021


I recently purchased a Ninja Foodi (model OP-102Q) from QVC. It looks like it will be useable, once I figure out some of the settings. There are discrete cooking mode buttons which are tactile, and the time and temperature up/down arrows are tactile as well. The pressure-cooking lid is easy enough to attach. I do have a few questions.

Once you select a cooking mode (bake, slow cook, etc.) you need to select a temperature (high/low/warm for slow cooking) and a time. Do these settings always start the same default values, or does the appliance remember the last settings? If it remembers the previous settings, is there a shortcut to get back to known values?

I bought a 5-quart model. It includes a wire rack and crisping plate for air-frying, but it does not include a basket. Will the basket from the 101 series work with this appliance? I don't see any mention of the OP-102 on the Ninja Kitchen web site.

Thanks for your help.
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