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andrew edgcumbe rollercoasterman86 at gmail.com
Tue May 17 21:44:40 UTC 2022

Hi can you still even get the air fryers with knobs on them are they
easy for blind person to use? how hard is it for some person who is
blind to get the food out of them?

On 5/17/22, Yolanda Thompson via Small-Appliance-Cooking
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> David,
> I have the Cassori as well. And I put bump dots on the start button.
> Since it is so easily triggered I took a piece of quilter's tape 1/4
> inch and ran it from the bottom of the area to the button. This way I
> can simply follow the tape up to the start stop bump dot.
> On 5/17/22, David Andrews via NFB-Krafters-Korner
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>> I bought the Kosori, has touch screen, but uses Alexa, and iOS app is
>> totally accessible.  I love it.
>> Dave
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>> Hello dave, not sure if you decided on one. However, if you can find an
>> air
>> fryer that has physical buttons, those seem to be the most accessible. Of
>> course, the Alexa enabled smart fryers are good too but a little more
>> expensive. We have one for macy's, and I can't remember the model but I
>> can
>> find it, but the nice thing about this one is that it has big round
>> physical
>> knobs with a tactile marker so that you know exactly where the knob is
>> pointing. The only small challenge we have and it is solvable with
>> physical
>> dots, is marking the various different temperatures. However if you use
>> it
>> a
>> lot, you will be able to quickly tell what temperature it is set to based
>> on
>> the clock position of the dial. Following is a wonderful steak recipe.
>> https://sweetcsdesigns.com/the-best-air-fryer-steaks/
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>> On April 27, 2022 6:22:33 AM David Andrews via BlindTlk
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>>> I am considering the purchase of an Air Fryer. I am looking at the
>>> <https://www.amazon.com/COSORI-Fryer-6-8Qt-Blaze-ThermoIQ/dp/B09BJHB2B
>>> D/ref=sr_1_5?crid=2GQNQL8MPJFMC&keywords=Cosori+air+fryer&qid=16510580
>>> 44&sprefix=cosori+air+fryer%2Caps%2C108&sr=8-5>
>>> <https://www.amazon.com/COSORI-Fryer-6-8Qt-Blaze-ThermoIQ/dp/B09BJHB2B
>>> D/ref=sr_1_5?crid=2GQNQL8MPJFMC&keywords=Cosori+air+fryer&qid=16510580
>>> 44&sprefix=cosori+air+fryer%2Caps%2C108&sr=8-5>COSORI
>>> Air Fryer 6.8Qt, Dual Blaze with 360 ThermoIQ Tech - Upper and Lower
>>> Heating Elements for Precise Temperature Control and Even Cooking
>>> Has anyone used this, or any Cosoni Air Fryer. You can control with
>>> Amazon device apparently, and an older review of Cosoni I found said
>>> that the iPhone app was completely accessible.
>>> Any experiences would be helpful and appreciated.
>>> Dave
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