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Data Analyst

Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Salary Minimum: $50,980.80
Salary Maximum: $77,563.20
Post Close Date: March 16, 2019

Job Description: This is a courtesy posting for a non-merit position. Please follow instructions in the “To Apply” section for directions on how to apply for this position.

The Iowa Department for the Blind (IDB) is seeking applicants for an information technology position that will promote IDB’s mission, vision and values.

Duties and responsibilities to include the following:

Access Technology

  *   Keep current with developments in nonvisual access software and hardware.
  *   Research and implement solutions that will make it possible for data base maintenance tasks to be performed using nonvisual access technology.
  *   Ensure that the case management system and any enhancements made to the system are compatible with nonvisual access technology.
  *   Share information with outside organizations to help them to recognize the importance of compatibility with nonvisual access technology and to develop systems that are, in their own right, compatible with such technology and usable by nonvisual users.  Research and implement systems and procedures that will allow reports to be generated and read efficiently using nonvisual access technology and/or Braille translation software.

 Database Operation and Maintenance

  *   Maintain the electronic case management system used by the Department's vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs.  Analyze and monitor VR/IL work flows, ensuring that automation is used to improve work flow efficiency, increase accuracy of data, and improve the timeliness of data entry.
  *   Perform daily, weekly, monthly, and annual system/data maintenance tasks. Develop and monitor automated procedures to maintain data base integrity. Create and monitor automated procedures that back up the database, and perform restoration tasks when necessary.
  *   Develop and maintain data bases and data base structures that allow data sharing between the case management system and other Department technology systems.
  *   Recommend, design, develop, and implement new features to be used in the Department's electronic case management system.  Consult with end users about these new features, and provide end user training as required to both blind and sighted users.
  *   Test system using sample data and data base.
  *   Participate in the development of programming code and evaluate alternative methods of program development.
  *   When necessary, recommend and manage the work of external vendors and/or technical consultants on system issues or enhancements.  As necessary, secure the assistance of outside consultants to resolve database and/or system issues.

 End User Training and Support

  *   Provide training to agency employees on the efficient use of their agency mobile phones and the case management system. Provide initial technology orientation to new employees. Share information and provide training related to new features and updates to all employees as appropriate.
  *   Work with end users to identify erroneous information that has been entered into the case management system, correct errors, and develop automated edits to reduce the frequency of errors.
  *   Work with end users, including those using assistive technology, to solve problems encountered with the electronic case management system.  Keep records of problems encountered and the specific steps taken to resolve them.
  *   Provide adequate and timely notification to the end user community when system changes or enhancements are implemented.

 Generate Reports

  *   Create and maintain queries to generate required federal reports such as the RSA 911, RSA 7OB and RSA 2.
  *   Troubleshoot errors in reports, correct errors as appropriate, communicate with other agency staff to obtain needed information to correct errors, and work with agency staff to improve the accuracy of reported data.
  *   Create and maintain queries and produce ad hoc reports according to end user requests.  Develop simplified procedures and arrange for software enhancements that will enable end users to generate ad hoc reports, mailing labels, and other documents independently.

 Manage Agency Mobile Phone Services

  *   Maintain the mobile phones used by Department employees. Setup, backup and restore devices as needed.
  *   Interface with the phone service vendor as needed for tasks such as making changes to service, adding or canceling lines, and upgrading phones.\
  *   Research to ensure that the department is receiving the most affective services available in a cost-effective manner. Recommend improvements and changes as appropriate.
  *    Implement and manage the department's mobile device management software and mobile applications. Ensure the accessibility of the software and updates. Coordinate with vendors as appropriate.

Maintain and Enhance Knowledge and Skills

  *   Monitor developments in information technology related to data bases, data base management/reporting software, mobile device management, and access technology.
  *   Monitor developments in federal and state regulations relevant to the agency and its data collection, storage and reporting, such as requirements put forth by the Rehabilitation Services Administration.
  *   As appropriate, recommend new software or other technology improvements to be used by the Department.

 Essential Functions of this position:

  *   Communicate technical information in a manner understandable to nontechnical individuals.
  *   Research and teach oneself to use new and updated technology; locating training resources as appropriate.
  *   Provide training to end users in the use and proper operation of mobile phones and required mobile applications.
  *   Provide training to end users in the use and proper operation of the electronic case management system.
  *   Receive verbal and written information from end users about problems encountered with the electronic case management system, seek clarifying information, and determine a course of action to be taken to solve the problem.
  *   Construct and modify queries using the structured query language (SQL).  Modify and create tables, views, stored procedures, functions and jobs.
  *   Develop and update reports using SQL reporting services or other reporting tools to present data.
  *   Read reports, analyze data contained in these reports, and determine the quality and accuracy of the data.
  *   Analyze the reports generated from queries against the case management system to determine the validity of the data.
  *   Compile necessary data for federal reports, locating and troubleshooting errors to ensure the accuracy of the reported data.
  *   Maintain and update system code to meet changing requirements.
  *   Demonstrate basic proficiency with various screen enlargement and screen access programs used by the blind.
  *   Evaluate the accessibility of software applications.
  *   Determine what needs to be done to new and existing applications to ensure that they can be used with nonvisual access technology.

It is the policy of the Department for the Blind to conduct background checks on all finalist candidates prior to any offer of employment.

For further information, contact Helen Stevens, 515-829-7411 or helen.stevens at blind.state.ia.us<mailto:helen.stevens at blind.state.ia.us>

To Apply: Data Analyst<https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/iowa/jobs/2375360/data-analyst?page=3&pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs&utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery>

Positions in this class are exempt from the screening and referral requirements of the Iowa Department of Administrative Services – Human Resources Enterprise. Persons who wish to be considered for this position must submit a resume and letter of application to:

Helen Stevens
Education and Training Director
Iowa Department for the Blind
524 4th Street
Des Moines, IA 50309-2364

helen.stevens at blind.state.ia.us<mailto:helen.stevens at blind.state.ia.us>
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Iowa Department for the Blind
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