[Tall-Corn] NFB Convention Registration

m.barber817 at gmail.com m.barber817 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 16:57:33 UTC 2020

As an NFBI Board member, I want to encourage all (and I do mean all) of you
to register for the NFB convention this year, even though it will be a
virtual convention and not face-to-face like we're used to.  It's the 80th
annual convention and we should make Iowa and Scott proud and get as many
registered as possible.  Registration is free, but I urge you to go on and
make some kind of donation if you can to help out with the programs of the
Federation and the convention.  Here's the direct link to get you to the
Registration page.




Come on, you all, let's show them how many Iowans we have!


Michael Barber

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