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Good Evening Federation Family:

This is a friendly reminder that, if you haven’t communicated Washington
Seminar plans with me, I need that information no later than January 1,
2022, especially if you’re wanting to go in person. We already have some
folks who have reached out for both the in person and virtual teams. We’re
working to see if we will have in person meetings available, and if not,
we’ll join several other affiliates who have gone totally virtual. I’m
hoping to have that together very soon! We’re also working on increasing our
delegation to a maximum of 4 if we can, and I’m waiting for a response on
that since several affiliates have given up their spots. There are at least
two key meetings we would like to have in person if possible, but we’ll see
how that plays out. I need to let everyone know of a vaccine mandate that
will be in effect for certain indoor activities and spaces during our time
there, and I’m pasting the text of the proclamation below. More information
on the implementation phase of it is coming, and I’ll send that once it’s
available. For those who do go in person, more information regarding capitol
logistics will be shared as we get it. Please reach out if there are any


Here is what we know so far:


First dose of vaccination by January 15, 2022. Second dose of vaccination by
February 15, 2022. 

Covered areas include hotel meeting rooms, restaurants, and bars. 

Patrons are not required to be vaccinated if they order food to go and then
leave the establishment. 

There is “reasonable accommodation due to a medical condition or a sincerely
held religious belief.” These details of these exemptions have not been

The order authorizes the DC Director of the Department of Health to issue a
recent negative test substitute for vaccination, but that has not happened


The pertinent parts of the order can be read below:


It is critically important that the District take immediate measures to
mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and its health impacts to avoid further
straining our health care facilities and hospitals and to avoid collateral
health impacts on persons not suffering from CO VID-19 but whose care is
affected by CO VID-19. Further, we must avoid overcrowding or any other
deterrents to people seeking hospital and medical services, so that persons
needing care do not delay care to the detriment of their own health.

In order to avoid resorting to the more drastic remedy of closing
non-essential businesses or re-imposing capacity limits, we must implement a
vaccine requirement to preserve life, health, and hospital capacity, and to
help ensure continuity of operations of government and business operations
by preventing the long absences that ensue when a person contracts a severe
case of CO VID-19.

Therefore, this Mayor's Order requires certain public venues to implement a
vaccination entry requirement for guests, visitors, and customers by January
15, 2022, in conformity with guidance to be issued by December 30, 2021 and
as specified below.


Establishments Subject to Vaccination Entry Requirement

Starting on January 15, 2022, the following establishments and facilities
(the "covered establishments and facilities") shall not permit a guest,
visitor, or customer over twelve (12) years old to enter their indoor
premises without displaying proof of vaccination against COVID-19:

Restaurants, bars and nightclub establishments, including restaurants and
taverns, coffee shops and fast-food establishments that have seating if
guests choose to sit down; breweries, wineries and distillery tasting rooms;
mixed-use facilities; food courts;

Indoor entertainment establishments, including nightclubs, hookah bars, pool
and billiard halls, and cigar bars; concert, live entertainment and sporting
venues; movie theatres; adult entertainment venues; bowling alleys;

Indoor exercise and recreational establishments, including exercise
facilities, dance, yoga and pilates studios; any facilities used for group
fitness classes;

Indoor event and meeting establishments, including hotel common rooms,
banquet halls, conference centers meeting facilities, convention centers,
auditoriums; shared work facilities;

Any other indoor establishment designated by the Director of the Department
of Health.


Establishments Not Subject to Vaccine Entry Requirement

Except as specified in paragraph II.2.k, this proof of vaccine requirement
imposed by paragraph II.1. does not apply to the following establishments or

Houses of worship;

Grocery stores, farmer's markets, and food service establishments providing
charitable food services;

Pharmacies, medical offices, urgent care centers, or hospitals;

Big box stores and retail establishments where people tend to be in motion
and not standing or seated in close proximity to others for long periods of

Private meeting spaces in residences or office buildings;

Facilities relating to governmental regulation, licensing, administrative
hearings, judicial proceedings, law enforcement, the provision of legal
services, and the Department of Motor Vehicles;

Facilities relating to essential human services such as warming and cooling
centers, day service facilities for homeless persons, shelters serving
homeless persons or victims of domestic violence;

Polling places during elections;


Such other facilities as exempted by the Department of Health.

Individuals Exempt from Vaccination Entry Requirement

The proof of vaccination requirement imposed by Section II. I. of this Order
does not apply to the following individuals:

Individuals entering a covered establishment for a quick and limited purpose
(for example, placing an order for takeout, picking up an order, or making a
delivery); or

A person entitled by law to a reasonable accommodation due to a medical
condition or a sincerely held religious belief.

Signage Requirement

Covered facilities shall prominently post signage at their entrances
notifying the public of the vaccination entry requirement.

Covered facilities shall post signs and verify that entrants aged twelve
(12) years and older has had a first vaccination by Sunday, January 15,
2022. Proof of having had a full initial course of vaccination will be
required effective Tuesday, February 15, 2022. On those dates, the
requirements take effect at 6:00 a.m.



The Director of the Department of Health shall further specify the
applicability of this Order and any reasonable accommodations that may be
necessary including when a recent negative test may substitute for
vaccination; the requirements for vaccination and any further phasing in of
requirements for second shots or boosters; grace periods for children who
recently turned twelve years old; acceptable proof of vaccination; signage
requirements and where within a facility proof of vaccination must be

The Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, in conjunction with
the Department of Health, shall further outline a plan to help businesses
understand, publicize, and enforce the vaccination requirements of this
Order and provide for reporting complaints and violations;

The City Administrator or his designee shall be responsible for
implementation and any necessary modification of the Order as it applies or
does not apply to District government facilities;

Businesses and other entities may exclude persons and take appropriate
employment actions against their employees who endanger themselves or others
by being in violation of this Order or acting in violation of it, or in
violation of a rule, order, or other issuance issued under the authority of
this Order, other Mayor's Orders, or City Administrator's Orders relating to
mitigating the spread of COVID-19 consistent with District and federal law.


All District government agencies that issue licenses, permits, certificates,
endorsements, or other authorizations, including the Department of Consumer
and Regulatory Affairs, the District Department of Transportation, the
Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, the Office of the State
Superintendent of Education, the Department of For-Hire Vehicles, and the
Department of Health may issue rules consistent with or take enforcement
action directly under this Order or a rule, order, or other issuance issued
under the authority of this Order to provide for the revocation, suspension,
or limitation of a license, permit, certificate, endorsement, or other
authorization of a person or entity that violates this Order.

Any individual or entity that knowingly violates this Order, or a rule,
order, or other issuance issued under the authority of this Order, may be
subject to civil and administrative penalties authorized by law, including
sanctions or penalties violating section 8 of the District of Columbia
Public Emergency Act of 1980, D.C. Official Code § 7-2307, which can result
in civil fines of not more than $1,000 or summary suspension or revocation
of licenses.



The first phase of implementation of this Order shall begin by January 15,
2022 at 6:00 pm., and shall remain in effect until repealed, amended, or



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