[Tall-Corn] Voting Reform

Richard nf5b at mediacombb.net
Fri Mar 5 02:45:35 UTC 2021

On Thu, 4 Mar 2021, Wade Hemmelrick via Tall-Corn wrote:

> Aside from overall voting reforms, (apologies for asking a stupid
> question). Do they really care about accessibility concerns of blind
> voters?

The problem is in states like Iowa with the reactionary politicnas we keep 
electing they don't.  Voter suppression for anybody who isn't white and/or 
affluent doesn't matter, especially if you live in a city.

The solution is federal election reform, making voting rules consistent 
among all fifty states, or hopefully at least 52 soon.  All citizens of 
the United States should be fully enfranchised, including those in DC and 
the island possessions/teritories, including Guamm, Puerto Rico and the 
U.S. Virgin islands.

Until then, most places I might live force at least accessible voting at 
the polls, so I shall go to the polls, whether i am masked gloved and 
whatever or whatever must be done.  Meanwhile, we fight the good fight on 
all fronts knowing we get proper treatment wherever and however we can.

But, in IOwa, it's hopel.ess this year.  OUr legislature is not interested 
in improving voting accessibility for all.  Until people quit voting 
against their interests we'll continue this fight.

I sent my emails in response to Mike Barber's call to action earlier but 
don't expect a positive result.
HOpe for the best.



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