[Vabs] From your President.

Corbb O'Connor corbbo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 22:14:29 UTC 2008

Happy New Year Virginians!

Corbb O'Connor here, President of the Virginia Association of Blind  
Students. For those who weren't aware, I spent this past semester  
abroad at the National University of Ireland, Galway, as was therefore  
unable to make it to our state convention. (You see, I told Dr.  
Schroeder that I would happily return if he paid my airfare -- I was  
told that was not in the budget!) I left you, though, in the very  
capable hands of Jessica Kostiw, and I'm glad to hear that she does  
not disappoint!

It's time for us to start moving again as a division. I have had a  
great difficulty in reaching our current VABS Board this past year, so  
I am hoping that you can all help me.

I would love to hear your ideas of what we can do this year. But more  
importantly, I want your help making those ideas a reality. One of the  
first things that I want to focus on is crafting a constitution for  
our division. This will involve a lot of discussion, some writing, and  
thinking about our division's future.

To facilitate this, I propose that we hold a conference call either  
next Sunday, Jan. 4 or Monday, Jan. 5 at 10pm ET. I have used a  
service before at Freeconference.com where you will need to dial a  
phone number, enter an access code, and join the conversation. That  
phone number is a long-distance number, but my hope is that by holding  
this meeting in the evening, we can exploit free long distance minutes  
on cell phones!

In order to give an accurate count of the participants to the  
teleconference company, please reply to me with your availability  
(either Sunday or Monday) and your e-mail address.

Best wishes for 2009, and I look forward to working together.
Corbb O'Connor

Corbb O'Connor
The George Washington University '10
B.A. Political Communication & Economics

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