[Vabs] Seeking Braille Readers for Compensated Study

NPR Labs nprlabs at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 15:44:01 UTC 2010

Do you need extra cash for the holidays?  Do you read Braille?
TowsonUniversityand National Public Radio are conducting research that
will help design a
new product - a  Radio Brailler - that will be used by blind and deaf-blind
consumers to access radio news and emergency alerts.  We are looking for
blind and low-vision people who are able to read Braille fluently and
comfortably.  You will read six short NPR stories on a refreshable Braille
display and answer questions about the stories.  The Refreshable Braille
Display will be provided at the session.  Even if you've never read on a
Braille display, you can participate – we'll provide a short training
session in the beginning if you need it.   You will be with us for 2 - 2.5
hours and receive $50 for your time.  You will also be asked your opinion of
a new Radio Reading Service Radio that we are developing. The session will
take place at Nation Public Radio headquarters near Chinatown, in Washington
DC the week of Dec 13-17, scheduled to your convenience.  To find out more,
or schedule a session, call Sam Goldman at NPR at 202 513 2470, or email at
sgoldman at npr.org.  You cal also respond to the email address used for this
post, NPRLabs at gmail.com.

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