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Oops-I forgot the minutes. Here they are attached.


On 12/18/10, Arielle Silverman <nabs.president at gmail.com> wrote:
> Once again, the bulletin is pasted below, with the minutes from our
> last board meeting attached for your convenience.
> National Association of Blind Students
> From the Desk of the President
> December 18, 2010
> In This Bulletin:
> 1.	Washington Seminar 2011!
> 2.	NFB 2011 Scholarship Program Now Open!
> 3.	Sign Up for 2011 NFB Youth Slam!
> 4.	State Division Announcements
> Washington Seminar 2011!
> 	The National Federation of the Blind will be gathering once again
> this winter in Washington, D.C. to meet with our national legislators
> and discuss our legislative priorities with them. As usual, just prior
> to our legislative visits, the National Association of Blind Students
> will be holding its annual winter meeting. This year, our NABS student
> meeting will be held on Monday, January 31, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. to
> 3:30 p.m. Before our meeting, we will be having a breakfast
> meet-and-greet for students attending their first Washington Seminar.
> The Great Gathering-In meeting, where the entire NFB delegation
> assembles to discuss the upcoming legislative work, will happen on
> Monday just after the conclusion of the NABS meeting, and legislative
> appointments will be held Tuesday, February 1, through Thursday,
> February 3.
> We encourage all of you to join us for the NABS meeting, the
> legislative appointments, or both. To find out who else is going from
> your state or to inquire about funding to cover the cost of your trip,
> please contact your NFB state affiliate president.
> More details about the NABS student seminar will be available soon. If
> you have suggestions for specific topics you’d like to have discussed
> during the seminar, please send your suggestions to me at
> Nabs.president at gmail.com
> .
> 2. NFB 2011 Scholarship Program Now Open!
> Each year the National Federation of the Blind awards thirty
> scholarships to legally blind college and graduate students across the
> country.  The scholarship includes a cash award ranging from $3000 to
> $12000, plus a free trip to the NFB national convention and often a
> piece of assistive technology such as a KNFB Reader Mobile.  The
> scholarship application for 2011 is now on the Web at
> www.nfb.org/scholarships
> Applications are due by March 31, 2011.
> Already won a national NFB scholarship? You can apply again and
> potentially win a second scholarship, also known as a TenBroek
> fellowship.
> In addition, many NFB affiliates offer scholarships to blind students.
>  You needn't be an active member of the NFB to win.  Contact your NFB
> state president for details.  You can find a list of state affiliates
> and their contact information at
> http://www.nfb.org/nfb/State_and_Local_Organizations.asp?SnID=54394983
> Best of luck!
> 3. Sign Up for NFB 2011 Youth Slam!
> From Mary Jo Hartle, director of education, National Federation of the
> Blind Jernigan Institute:
> We are pleased to announce the third biennial NFB Youth Slam.  Whether
> or not science or technology is “your thing,” there’s sure to be
> something for everyone.  Learn the science behind building apps for
> your iPod, use cutting-edge equipment and technology to determine
> chemical reactions in chemistry labs, build robots, or learn how to
> use nonvisual techniques to perform a real dissection.  We guarantee
> this summer program will be like no other you've ever been to before!
> One hundred and fifty blind and low vision students from all across
> the country will be selected to attend this five-day adventure, to be
> held in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns =
> "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Baltimore, Maryland,
> that will engage, inspire, and encourage the next generation of blind
> youth to consider careers falsely believed to be impossible for the
> blind.
> While staying on a college campus, students will be mentored by blind
> role models during fun and challenging activities designed to build
> confidence and increase science literacy.  Participants will also have
> the opportunity to attend workshops on topics such as leadership,
> career preparation, and blindness.  In addition, students and mentors
> will take part in a variety of social events throughout the week.
> Come to the NFB Youth Slam and meet other blind and low vision
> students from all over the United States!
> Interested students who will be age fourteen at the time of the
> program, and are starting high school (ninth grade) in the fall of
> 2011 or are currently in high school (including those graduating in
> the spring of 2011) should complete an application online. Students
> need not have a strong interest in science, technology, engineering,
> or math (STEM) in order to participate, enjoy, and benefit from this
> extraordinary experience.
> If you are interested in attending the NFB Youth Slam, either as a
> student participant, or as an adult volunteer, visit
> www.blindscience.org to complete an online application.  Applications
> are due by March 1, 2011.
> If you have any questions about the NFB Youth Slam, please visit the
> Web site or contact Mary Jo Hartle, Director of Education, NFB
> Jernigan Institute,
> (410) 659-9314, extension 2407, or e-mail YouthSlam at nfb.org.
> Join us as we continue to make history at what promises to be the best
> NFB Youth slam yet!
> Mary Jo T. Hartle
> State Division Announcements:
> From New York:
> I just thought I would shoot you a blurb concerning the tremendous strides
> NYABS has been making. Since the division was reinstated a little over
> a year ago the student division has grown in leaps and bounds.
> Membership has
> increased greatly, and several local chapters are in the process of being
> established. We are also planning on having our first Student Seminar in
> the
> upcoming year.
> Best, and thanks,
> Kate Carroll
> From Virginia:
> Hi,
> My name is Brittany savage and I was just elected presidant of Vabs at
> our state convention in November. I just wanted to give you a little
> blerb about what we did and our new board members for the newsletter.
> During the Virginia 2010 convention elections were held for the
> positions of the board for the student division. Chelsie Cooke was
> elected board member. Brittany Crone was elected Secritary. Kierra
> Davis was elected treasurer. Christopher O'Mealy was elected vice
> presidant, and Brittany Savage was elected presidant. While at the
> state convention we held a student track in which 22 middle, high, and
> college students partisipated. On Friday night we had a student
> hospitality meeting where we played ice-breaker games, socialized, and
> had pizza. On Saturday morning we held two sessions for the students,
> one was a mobility training seminar and the other was a "This is what
> I wish I could tell my parents". This was where we had the students
> tell us what they wished that they could tell their parents about
> being independant , and we took what they said and during the parents
> luncheon someone told them what their children said without saying
> which child said what. On Saturday afternoon we took  the entire group
> to the D.C. metro where Bridget Dority gave them an O&M lesson on the
> metro system. We had a metro bus come and let the students have an
> hour exploring the bus and seeing what they don't get to see on a
> usual day. I am very proud of the student track this year and want to
> thank everyone again who put it together.
> On 10/5/10, Arielle Silverman <nabs.president at gmail.com> wrote:
>> National Association of Blind Students
>> From the Desk of the President
>> October 5, 2010
>> 1.  NABS Reps are Here for You!
>> 2.  This Month's Conference Call: Science and More!
>> 3.  NABS Kicks off Pennies for Pages Fund-Raiser!
>> 4.  Announcement from Virginia!
>> 5.  Minutes from Last NABS Board Meeting!
>> NABS Reps are Here for You!
>> Are you hoping to organize a new student division at your state
>> convention this year? Is your division looking for new ideas or
>> planning a change of leadership? Are you looking for advice from
>> someone who is experienced in organizing and leading student
>> divisions? The NABS board are here to help! Our NABS officers travel
>> across the country each year attending many of our NFB state
>> conventions and helping your state divisions connect with the national
>> NABS.  If you would like to have a NABS board representative come to
>> your next state convention, student seminar, or other event, you can
>> request a NABS rep by going to our website,
>> www.nabslink.org
>> and filling out the online form.  Also, check out the "About Us" page
>> of our website to find out which NABS board member is assigned to your
>> state.
>> This Month’s Conference Calls: Science and More!
>> **This month we will be having two conference calls: one for blind
>> students and one for their parents! Below is information about the
>> student call; information about the parent call will be sent out in a
>> separate message.
>> Attention All Students!
>> Ever been curious about what majors and specializations blind
>> individuals have had in the past? Have you ever felt like learning
>> about fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math-
>> (STEM), are “too difficult”? Do alternative techniques a blind person
>> may use in such fields just baffle you?
>> If any of the above apply to you-
>> Please attend the Membership phone call, presented by the Membership
>> Committee of the National Association of Blind Students. We are going
>> to cover concerns, techniques, and generalized information about how
>> blind students can participate on equal terms with their sighted
>> peers, even when focusing on STEM fields.
>> Date: Sunday, October 17, 2010
>> When: 7 pm EST #
>> Where: NABS conference line- (712)775-7100 Code: 257963#.
>> Why: TO learn and network with other blind students who wish to
>> pursuer careers, or just get to know about opportunities in the STEM
>> fields for the blind.
>> We will discuss items such as the NASA Excel program, Youth Slam, the
>> Junior Science Academy, etc… We are open to all types of technique
>> questions, resource question, to be answered by the guest speaker and
>> the committee. Hope to see you there!
>> Sincerely,
>> Membership Committee
>> National Association of Blind Students
>> 3. NABS Kicks off Pennies for Pages 2010-2011!
>> Sean Whalen, second vice-president of NABS, writes:
>> Greetings to all members and friends of NABS,
>> I am writing to announce and solicit your participation in an exciting
>> fundraising effort that the National Association of Blind Students is
>> currently undertaking. The fundraiser is our second annual Pennies for
>> Pages, and is being run in conjunction with the NFB’s Braille Readers
>> are Leaders contest. We believe that this fundraiser has a lot of
>> potential. However, in order to realize this potential, we need help
>> from all of you!
>> The idea is this. Students, or anybody else who is interested in
>> helping to raise money for Braille literacy and our national and state
>> student divisions, can sign up to participate in the Braille Readers
>> are Leaders program and then solicit donations from friends, family,
>> or anybody really, for Braille pages read throughout the duration of
>> the contest. Of course, donations of fixed sums are also gratefully
>> accepted.
>> If you are already participating in either the K-12 or Adult Braille
>> Readers are Leaders contests, you can simply register with NABS as a
>> reader and find people to sponsor you for each page you read. To
>> register as a reader with NABS, please fill the online form at:
>> www.nabslink.org/pennies_for_pages/pennies_form.php
>> Or contact Sean Whalen at smwhalenpsp at gmail.com or 608 332-4147.
>> If you are not yet signed up for the contest, no worries! The reading
>> contest runs from November 1, 2010 through January 4, 2011, and
>> registration for Braille Readers are Leaders is open now, and will
>> remain open throughout the duration of the contest. To register for
>> either the K-12 or Adult Braille Readers are Leaders Contests, please
>> go to www.nfb.org/bral. And, remember, once you have registered for
>> the contest, sign up with NABS to participate in our Pennies for Pages
>> fundraising effort!
>> If, rather than registering as a reader, you would like to support
>> NABS’ efforts by sponsoring a reader, or making a fixed donation,
>> please either register as a sponsor at:
>> www.nabslink.org/pennies_for_pages/pennies_form.php
>> or contact Sean Whalen at smwhalenpsp at gmail.com or 608 332-4147.
>> Donations can be accepted in cash or as checks made out to the
>> National Association of Blind Students and can be given to our
>> Treasurer, Nijat Worley, either in person at Washington Seminar or
>> sent, via postal mail, to:
>> Nijat Worley
>> 2905 East College Ave, Unit 106
>> Boulder, CO 80303
>> If you wish to participate or have any questions at all about the
>> plan, please contact Sean Whalen at either 608-332-4147 or
>> smwhalenpsp at gmail.com. I will be compiling the list of participants
>> and would be happy to answer any questions which anybody might have.
>> Any money we raise through Pennies for Pages will be shared, in equal
>> portions, between NABS, the National Association to Promote the Use of
>> Braille, and the state student divisions (or affiliates) in which the
>> readers reside.
>> NABS looks forward to working together to raise money for, and promote
>> awareness of, Braille literacy!
>> Sincerely,
>> Sean Whalen
>> 4. Announcement from Virginia:
>> Accessible technology is helpful, but it can be hard to learn how
>> students use it in the classroom. Orientation and mobility training is
>> useful, but many students aren't sure how to apply their skills to new
>> surroundings...especially a busy mass-transit system like that in the
>> greater Washington, DC area. And working to get electronic textbooks
>> can make the already burdensome life a student even more hectic. Well
>> at this year's NFB of Virginia convention, students will gain hands-on
>> experience, access to successful students, and directly applicable
>> strategies for all of these situations. Our convention will be held
>> November 12-14 at the Marriott Fairview Park in Falls Church, in
>> Northern Virginia just outside Washington, DC. We welcome all students
>> -- from junior high through graduate school -- to learn with us. We
>> will have a set of activities that parallel the state convention, so
>> students will get the most of the general sessions and specific
>> student-focused activities. For details and to register, please
>> contact Student Division President Corbb O'Connor at corbbo at gmail.com
>> or (202) 684-6130. If finances are tough for you and your family,
>> please let us know. We will work with you to make the convention
>> experience possible. We look forward to seeing you in Falls Church!
>> 5.  Minutes from Last NABS Board Meeting:
>> The NABS board meets by monthly teleconference to discuss and plan
>> upcoming NABS programs and activities.  In order to let you be better
>> informed about what we are doing, we decided to start attaching the
>> minutes from each board meeting to the following month’s bulletin,
>> beginning with October.  The minutes are attached to this email.  If
>> you have any questions or suggestions for items that you’d like us to
>> discuss in future meetings, feel free to write to me directly at
>> Nabs.president at gmail.com
>> On 10/2/10, Darian Smith <dsmithnfb at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Greetings Nabsters
>>>  The Nabs board is  busily making  plans  to aquire auction items for
>>> this January’s Washington seminar, and  is seeking   assistance from
>>> you!
>>>  If you know of any contacts, or just want to help out with gathering
>>> contacts and items, you are welcome to join us on  an organizing
>>> conference call tomorrow.
>>> Date: 10/3/10
>>> Time:5:30 p.m. EST
>>>  Where: Conference   call (712) 775-7100  passcode”257963
>>> --
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>>> spiritual beings having a human experience.” - Teilhard de Chardin
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