[Vabs] Revised information: Community ServiceGroup Membership call--Sunday January 22

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Sun Jan 22 01:29:33 UTC 2012

Please note: change in call-in information.

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 Hello, everyone!

 It's time once again for the Community Service Group's monthly
 membership call! January is National Mentoring Month, and Jermesa Lee,
 the Vice President of the Florida Association of Blind Students, will
 be sharing her experiences and perspectives on mentoring. The call in
 information is below.

 Topic: National Mentoring Month: Ideas, perspectives, experiences
 When: Sunday, January 22 at 8 pm ET
 Where:(218) 339-3600 passcode 808277

 Hope to see you there!


Darian Smith

"To dream what is possible and to put oneself in service of that dream is the
for a life well lived."

- Dr. Peter Benson

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