[Vabs] I Retreat from No Challenge

Alan Chase aachase1 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 04:22:43 UTC 2016

I Retreat from No Challenge is the motto of the EYE Retreat, a summer camp
that teaches visually impaired youth how to prepare for college.  Since
2009, the EYE Retreat has grown from 15 students from only North Carolina
to 51 students from eight states and two countries in 2015.  So far for
2016, applicants will come from 3 countries, seven states.  Do you want to
be a mentor?  Apply to be part of our volunteer staff.  Want to learn
college prep skills?  Apply to be a student.  Many of our students return
in later years to be mentors!

The EYE Retreat includes skills such as academic preparation, public
transportation, social skills, dorm living, job shadowing, and
independence.  Check out our website at www.eyeretreat.org for more
information or to sign up.  Contact us at 9198130393 or
alan.chase at eyeretreat.org.

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