[VABS] Transformation to Competitive Employment Act

André Hill andrehill6188 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 04:44:58 UTC 2019

Dear VABS Members,

I am writing to you specifically about to talk the Transformation to
Competitive Employment Act. As students, this bill directly affects us
because changing the Fair Labor Standards Act will ensure that receive
equal pay, managerial opportunities,and independance just like our
non-disabled counterparts. As the law stands now, we are allowed to be paid
below minimum wage and our performance evaluations are skewed against us
because of our disability.

All has changed since the signing of the ADA, advancements in technology,
medine and an increase job opportunities (in general) however something
remain the same and we must work hard to change it. Change is not always
quiet. Sometimes, a bit of noise is needed to make it happen.

While we thank Representative Scott for introducing this bill, the
remainder of the Virginia Delegations have not signed to be Co-sponsors on
this bill. There could be several reasons for this but we must convince
them to step out of the shadow and stand up for what is right. My previous
email contains the names of the members of the Virginia Delegation, you can
also look on Congress.gov/members.

As part of the initiative, the NABS Legislative Committee is asking two
things: 1.} Have a minimum of 3 students from each state to contact their
representatives through email, phone call or social media and urge them to
sign on as Co-sponsors. 2.} Write a letter to the editor of your school's
newspaper and explain to the student body why they should join us in
support of this bill. If your school doesn't have a newspaper, write a
letter to the editor of the local paper. I imagine you are thinking, I am
not sure what to say, my advice is speak from the heart but make it
concise. It is easy to overthink it especially if we are nervous.

Here is a way you can organize your thoughts. Note:It doesn't necessarily
need to be in that exact order.
Who is this bill affecting
When did this problem begin?
Where is this problem taking place?
Why is it a problem?
How do we fix?

Take a deep breathe and lets jump in.

If you need my help, feel free to reach out to me.

André E. Hill
-Chair, Legislative Committee
Virginia Association of Blind Students
National Federation of the Blind of Virginia

-Co-Chair, Legislative Committee
National Association of Blind Students
National Federation of the Blind

"I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm
going is what inspires me to travel it.”-Rosalía de Castro

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