[vendtalk] Purchasing A KNFB Reader Mobile?

Michael Hingson info at michaelhingson.com
Fri Apr 10 01:55:14 UTC 2009

Are you considering the purchase of a KnfbReader Mobile or do you 
know someone who may be interested in buying one?  If so, I would 
like to speak with you.  Please remember that the National Federation 
of the Blind is the only National distributor of the Reader and its 
related products.  For more information about the reader or to place 
an order please visit 
or please call me, Mike Hingson, at (888) 965-9191.

The current configuration of the Reader we are providing includes the 
KnfbReader software, the Nokia 6220 Classic mobile phone, and an 
optional screen reader either Talks or MobileSpeak.  The software and 
phone cost $1,370.00.  Either Talks or MobileSpeak cost $295.00.  The 
entire package including the screen reader option cost $1,665.00 plus shipping.

Don't forget that the Federation also offers a %3 interest rate 
technology loan should you need to finance your Reader 
purchase.  Information about the loan is available on the web site 
given above.  We also accept both Visa and MasterCard orders.

Join the technology revolution today and go totally globally 
mobile.  Please contact me if you need any information or have any 
questions about the Reader.  I hope to talk with you soon.


Mike Hingson

The Michael Hingson Group
      "Speaking with Vision"
                  Michael Hingson, President
                          (415) 827-4084
                    <mailto:info at michaelhingson.com>info at michaelhingson.com

for info on the new KNFB Reader Mobile, visit:

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