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Greetings colleagues and friends,


Last week, a blind merchant friend of ours, who operates a convenient store
at Peterson AFB sold 14 Louis Braille Commemorative Silver Dollars.  WOW!
He sold out; that's all he had on hand.  He has ordered more.  He carried
one silver dollar, loose in his pocket.  He showed it to customers.  He let
them touch it, hold it, feel the raised Braille, and look at its beautiful
design.  He had a nice sign telling customers how they could spend $40 to
support Braille Literacy through the purchase of this collectable silver
dollar.  He also put the little Braille coin business cards, which he
obtained from the Independence Market at our national center, on his vending
machines.  He kept a small supply of the Braille silver dollars, still in
their little boxes, behind the counter.  The buzz about the coin, its
purpose, and value began to build throughout the building!  People came in
to see the coin; to talk about the Braille literacy crisis.  They bought
coffee.  They bought popcorn.  They bought lottery tickets.  And they bought
the Louis Braille Commemorative Silver Dollar.  He bought his silver dollars
from usmint.gov, or maybe he got his by calling the order in at
800-USA-MINT.  He is selling the uncirculated version, costing him $33.99
per coin plus the $5 shipping charge per order (not per coin).  You can also
purchase the proof, more silver content, version for $43.00 per coin.  As I
say, he is selling the "$34 version" for $40.


Blind vendors can own a piece of the process of brining an end to the
literacy crisis faced by the blind of America.  We can earn a little good
will from our customers for our businesses.  We can tell the story of the
young, blind student graduated from Baltimore High School last month without
Braille skill.  He was not able to read 40 point type.  This is tragic.  We
can tell our customers, suppliers, family and friends of the blinded
warriors now returning from battle who can benefit from Braille literacy.
We should tell our personal stories.  We should tell how this little, silver
coin can bring fundamental change, increase job opportunities, and bring
quality of life to thousands.  


Order your supply of Louis Braille Commemorative Silver Dollars today from
1-800-USA-MINT or usmint.gov.  For more information you can go to
Braille.org.  Your customers can learn more about our effort to honor the
birth of Louis Braille, inventor of the Braille code, and our quest to bring
Braille to the fingertips of blind children by visiting Braille.org.


I am attaching a wonderful letter from Dr. Marc Maurer which outlines the
literacy crisis we face and provides more information about the innovative
programs we can construct through funds generated when we sell 400,000 of
these unique silver dollars which are sure to be a collectable.  You may
want to make copies of the attached letter.  You could put a stack of them
on your counter or at some other prominent location in or around your


Let's make blind vendors the leading silver dollar sales force!


At Your Service,

Kevan Worley

CEO,Worley Enterprises

(866) 543-6808


There is a Braille literacy crisis in America.

You can be part of the solution.

=-1&storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&identifier=4000> Buy the Louis Braille
Bicentennial Silver Dollar now!


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