[vendtalk] Have a holly, jolly Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Brilliant New Year!

Kevan Worley kevanworley at blindmerchants.org
Mon Dec 14 21:44:13 UTC 2009

Hello from Bridget and Kevan Worley,


2010 - A year of real struggle for many. I'm sure you have had your share of
battles and challenges; victories and joy. When looking at the bright side,
blessings do remain bountiful for the Worleys and most of our friends and
colleagues. Like many, our company has had some setbacks and both Bridget
and I have had some health challenges over this past year. But you can't
keep a good couple down! We remain resilient, focused, optimistic and
blessed. We are blessed with friends and family, like you! 


Nijat is concluding his fourth semester at the University of Colorado -
Boulder. He is doing well. We miss him terribly, but he will deign to grace
us with his presence over the holidays. It will be good spending time with
"Lord Nijimor" before he heads off to leadership training at the National
Federation of the Blind headquarters in Baltimore and then back to school.
Nijat recently attended a seminar at the United States State Department in
Washington, DC. He continues to be focused on a possible career as a


We traveled quite a bit, both for business and pleasure, over this past
year. A vacation in Palm Desert. A week in San Francisco, which included the
Golden Gate Music Fest, starring my man, Dave Matthews. We went to Austin
City Limits, starring my man, Dave Matthews. I took a business trip to
Nashville; it just happened to be at a time when there was a Dave Matthews
concert. Are you sensing a pattern? 


This will be the last big travel and vacation year for the two of us. We are
cutting back so that we can spend more time enjoying home and community; to
appreciate and be better stewards. 


This past year we did have two trips that we will always remember. We
visited my daughter, Megan Beth, in Columbia, Missouri. It was wonderful to
car shop, eat pizza and hang out with her and her boyfriend, Kevin. Kevin, a
great name, even though he spells it wrong. We also enjoyed a delightful
dinner with Megan Beth, Kevin, Megan's mother Debbie and her husband Gary.


We also flew to Fort Smith, Arkansas, surprising my father. Dad was
instrumental in bringing the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall to Fort Smith
that weekend. We surprised the old Sergeant, showing up for all of the
ceremonies. My dad has been in failing health; yet, he serves as a leader
(surprise, surprise) in his local veterans organization and on the board of
the National Federation of the Blind of Arkansas. And he's not even a blind
guy! Two tours in Vietnam, one in Korea; serving a country dear to him. Dad
spent many years in management and sales, always at the top of his game. He
has had a life filled with much accomplishment and great sacrifice for all
of us. Way to go, Dad! We plan to take a road trip (on the cheap) back to
visit Mom and Dad on December 26. 


Bridget continues to make our home a castle. I am a lucky man! I am glad we
do not have to pay by the hour for the home and garden network. Bridget is
without a doubt the best cook on the planet. And she works full time plus
for our company. She is my best friend, partner, and all my reasons.


This past year, as most know, I chaired the Imagination Fund of the National
Federation of the Blind. I served as part of our Louis Braille Commemorative
Coin campaign team to call attention to the lack of literacy education for
blind kids. We also organized the 3rd annual March for Independence on the
Detroit Riverwalk. It was exhilarating to be a part of more than a thousand
of my colleagues, marching for change. The NFB remains dear to us. Its
people and philosophy strengthen me and many thousands. 


In recent years, I have become more and more concerned about the health of
our planet and the welfare and sustainability of my community. I am now very
honored to serve as Vice Chair of the Catamount Environmental Institute.
Catamount is truly a wonderful organization of vision and vitality, bringing
science based youth education through outdoor experiences. Catamount serves
as a focal point for sustainability in the Colorado Springs region. Bridget
and I believe that our planet is hurting. Humans are trashing it for short
term gain, greed and immediate gratification. For too long, Bridget and I,
like many people and corporations, have not been concerned enough, cautious,
conservation minded, prudent stewards of our ecology and community. We think
an immediate change of behavior is essential. We hope others will think so
too, because thoughts become feelings which become behavior. 


We love Christmas time! The music, the festivities and the food; it is a
grand time of joy and celebration. We also feel that it is a great season
for reflection and evaluation of priorities; a time to take stock of what we
have and what is truly important. A time for us to take joy in the love we
have for so many and the gift of love, positive energy, and support you all
give to us. Believe it or not, we feel it every day of the year. We thank


This year, we are not giving "stuff" for Christmas. Sorry kids, nieces,
nephews. Get over it! You will get enough plastic wrapped gizmos from
others, I'm sure. Though it won't break my heart if you don't. Most in our
circle of family, friends and colleagues have enough "stuff", but we know
that there are many who do not have the luxury of receiving another tie,
ipod, plastic gift card, or gift basket of unidentifiable spreads on plastic
tasting crackers. 


Kevan and Bridget certainly do not need a thing. We have taken much. It's
time we give: to empower blind children, feed the hungry, clothe the needy,
and preserve our ailing planet. We do not need a gift card from Burger King
or Wal-Mart, which will allow them to continue to operate under the status
quo, making no real commitment to the joy of Christmases to come. We will be
making significant contributions this season to the National Federation of
the Blind, Catamount Environmental Institute, Care and Share, Community
Partnership for Child Development, and Home Front Cares. We hope you will
feel the contributions to these important causes as though they are gifts
from us to you. To those who may have planned to give something to us, we
respectfully ask that you instead give to someone in need or to an
organization which is making our community and planet better for us, our
children and their children. I would note that Catamount Environmental
Institute is now kicking off a 100-day campaign to raise $100,000
(www.catamountinstitute.org <http://www.catamountinstitute.org/> ). It is
end of year giving time. Better to Catamount than to the IRS, if you know
what I mean. 


Final random thoughts. Those who are trashing the Dylan Christmas CD - stop
it! :-) It's really not bad. It's for charity and his whiny, gravel voice is
backed by a swingin' band. I'm also downloading the new Nellie McKay Tribute
to Doris Day, new Heartless Bastards, new Loudon Wainwright, and a great CD
from Eileen Jewell.


Our wish for you this year:


*     Enjoy family

*     Buy local

*     Read great books

*     Feel great joy


Please know that we appreciate you for who you are.


In the 1990's, U.S. Speaker of the House, Thomas Reed, took care of an
opponent by observing that "with a few more brains, he could be a half-wit."
He also said, about another politician, "He never opens his mouth without
subtracting from the sum of human intelligence." 


"If you have the guts to be yourself, other people will pay your price."
Rabbit Angstrom, from Rabbit Runs by John Updike.


Warren Buffet said, "Bad habits are like chains that are too light to feel
until they are too heavy to carry." 


Orson Wells said, "My doctor said I should stop having intimate dinners for
four unless there are three other people with me." 


Yogi Berra said, "Wherever you go, there you are."  


It is truly a fun time of year. Happy Christmas from Bridget and Kevan


Yossarian lives.


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