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I disagree with you, the problems that I have outlined below is just sharing
List Services are used to share and post information from each state.
Perhaps the information which I have shared can help another person who is
having problems with their Committee Chairperson or members.

Also should the Committee who was elected to be our advocate work against
the blind vendor?

Should the Committee thumb their nose at the Feds?

Should blind people be elected to the Committee for a larger location,
protection and other goodies?

Should we have in our state blind vendors who are  "Sacred Cows"?

Perhaps you do not care that someone who is elected   should turn their
backs on the people that they represent.

Perhaps you enjoy when a blind person is "verbally attacked" at a Committee
meeting when the By-Laws states very clearly that this should not happen.

The Feds want changes to N. J. Rules and Regs and the Committee are dragging
their feet in following the Feds requirements.

Again the information that is below is for information and also for sharing
information what happens when a blind vendor is elected to serve on a
Committee  and they turn their backs on the  people who voted for them and
trusted them to truly represent them.

Do you  really want messages like this to be blocked and not allow blind
vendors from sharing information on problems in their state???

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I think this is an issue that does not need to be sent to this list. It is a
state issue that should be handled by you and your state SLA.
Who moderates this list?
Can we refrain from posts that continue to deal with this state issue?
John Gerber

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TO: Frank Collepardi, Chairperson, N. J. BEP Committee

FROM: Tom Blume, N. J. License BEP Operator

DATE: Jan. 30, 2009

SUBJECT:  Chapter 97 Sub-Committee Meeting, Jan. 29, 2009 Comments

On Jan. 29, 2009 you called a Chapter 97 Sub-Committee phone conference

Since you are the Chairperson of the Committee you turned the meeting over
to the Sub-Chairperson, Paul to conduct the meeting.

Since Paul was unable to conduct the meeting, you had to Chair the meeting
and you only asked Paul if he agreed or disagreed with what was being
during the meeting.

All of the Committee members were present and John the BEP Manager and mike,
Field Rep was also present.

Anna and I were also presents as members of the Chapter 97 Sub-Committee.

The purpose of Mike being at the Sub-Committee meeting was to read and write
the changes which are necessary to be placed in the new Chapter 97.

You did not request Mike to read the letter from the Feds so the members of
the Sub-Committee could follow the suggestions and make these changes.

You did not request Mike to speak or request him to put his input as a BEP
Field Rep.

When Mike was working with the Sub-committee prior to the May 2008
Conference and we completed the first draft of Chapter 97 he did an
excellent job of
reading and writing for us also he gave us some very good examples for us to
think about.

The Committee voted to place all of the Feds suggestion in the new Chapter
97 however they will be written after the Sub-Committee meeting.

The only people that you allowed to vote on any of the issues were the full
Committee members.

You did not allow the "non committee members" to vote.

This was a "Sub-Committee meeting" not a Regular Committee meeting or a
Special Committee meeting.

Robert Rules states, that a Sub-Committee can only suggest changes and the
report must be sent to the full Committee for a final vote.

Frank, do you want the "Non Committee members", to only provide ideas and
other suggestions and not be able to vote on their ideas???

Why do you want "Non Committee Members" to be present at the Sub-Committee

Every time I attend a Committee meeting, one or more of your committee
members have "Verbally Attacked" me, as I was either reporting or speaking
on a very
important issue.

Do you enjoy when your Committee members "verbally attack" me or anyone

The tree main Committee members are: Jack, Dan, Nick.

The Committee By-Laws sttates very clearly that this should never happen at
a meeting.

Please review your By-Laws.

We spent over 6 hours at two separate meetings and you have never permitted
anyone to suggest the wording or write the changes in Chapter 97.

You only wrote "notes" and your Committee voted on these "notes" and the
Committee agreed to follow the Feds suggestions, however this process will
be done
behinds closed doors.

You do not need a vote by the Committee for "notes".

Again why do you have Sub-Committee meetings and never really resolve any
issues or write the changes and vote on the new changes.

The clock is ticking and the time is coming close to present the final draft
for the N. J. Register.

I predict that the Committee will drag their feet in presenting the final
"draft" and the old Chapter 97 will be rolled over and the "Feds"
will not be put in place.

Success is peace of mind that is a direct result of self-satisfaction in
knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming"

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