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Kevan Worley kevanworley at blindmerchants.org
Mon Feb 16 18:27:07 UTC 2009

Deadline for room release - March 1, 2009! After March 1, rooms sold first
come first serve. 


Make room reservation and then use that confirmation number when you make
your BLAST 09 registration so that you can save $75 if you act by March 1 on
your pre-BLAST registration. Go to www.blindmerchants.org
<http://www.blindmerchants.org/>  or call office at 866-543-6808 for
assistance. Marriott downtown Indianapolis, 877-             . Indianapolis,
IN - a beautiful, welcoming, fun place to do the business of the business of
the blind in business. "What happens in Indy, stays in Indy", except for the
profitable education each state agency staffer and blind vendor will bring
home. Ideas, energy, education and connections we can all use to create
profit, partnerships and possibilities.


Stimulus package has passed! More than $500 million dollars for voc rehab
programs. Some dollars may help with new BEP opportunities. Let's talk about
how we can transform Randolph-Sheppard. Let's talk about it at BLAST 09. Be
a part of shaping the future. 


Catamount Institute agrees to provide training and education at BLAST 09.
BLAST continues to be the most credible annual education program. This year
we have added the nationally accredited training provided by the Catamount
Institute. The new economy, new federal and state construction and
retrofitting will cause us to face new energy and other environmental
regulations. At BLAST, we have the key officials, educators and industry
leaders. Environmental experts to show us the way. At BLAST, we will receive
an entire afternoon of green education. 


Bring a friend to BLAST 09! Or make a new friend at BLAST 09! You never know
who you might meet.


New technologies to play with at BLAST 09. Touch and taste the latest and
greatest food, snack, vending, access technologies at a big BLAST tradeshow.


How does Disney do it? How do they provide the kind of customer service
leading to increased profits, year after year? Learn how you can do it too.


With room rates at only $94 plus tax, you can afford to bring friends and
colleagues. Don't wait, decide now. 


Last year, 37 state agencies met at BLAST for the exclusive state agency
roundtable, sharing ways to enjoy the job, build new projects, sustain
funding, and improve their state program. Again this year, Terry Smith,
Chairman of Randolph-Sheppard subcommittee from the National Council of
State Agencies for the Blind, will chair what will surely be a wide ranging
discussion. It's a critical time for BEP. Your colleagues need your
involvement. Many are making a real commitment to continuing education. In
the face of economic challenges, where there's a will, there's a way. The
Indiana state agency and the blind vendors there have worked very hard to
bring this conference to life. 


Committee Chairs share ideas and collaborate at an exclusive Committee Chair
meeting, 5:30pm Wednesday afternoon, April 1. 


Buffets, luncheons, the Indy Speedway Experience, entertainment, casino
trip, the science of winemaking, yoga, how to build a business from scratch
outside of Randolph-Sheppard, franchise and licensing training from Focus
Brands, Burger King, Dunkin Brands, Quiznos and Einstein Bagels.


Huge changes coming soon at the United States Postal Service. Learn what
they are and how to plan solutions. 


BLAST is a training event which is absolutely a justifiable education
conference, easy to sell to those who approve funding and your tax man.
Campaign to help yourself and help others by giving everyone an incredible,
fun, learning experience. Join us for the party. It will be an Indy BLAST!
Many will arrive Tuesday, March 31 and stay through Saturday, April 4.


Reserve your room and register now!


At Your Service,

Kevan Worley

CEO,Worley Enterprises

(866) 543-6808


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