[vendtalk] Rest Area Resolution

Kevan Worley kevanworley at blindmerchants.org
Wed Jul 29 17:29:29 UTC 2009

I'm sure many of us will be attending receptions or popping into offices of
our members of Congress while they are on summer recess, beginning next
week. I suggest that we take the resolution, relative to our roadside rest
area issues, with us. It really is important that we get this resolution
into the hands of congressional staff and members of Congress. It is vitally
important that we at least make an attempt to stop in and see your
congressman while the senators are back in the state and congress members
are back in your district. 


Share your successes with us in August. 


At Your Service, 

Kevan Worley

President, National Association of Blind Merchants


There is a Braille literacy crisis in America.

You can be part of the solution.

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