[vendtalk] Cashless vending on highway Interstates?

HackneyCharles at aol.com HackneyCharles at aol.com
Sun Mar 8 02:25:57 UTC 2009

I am interested in finding out if other vendors are  using debit/credit 
acceptors at interstate rest  area locations.  We have just successfully completed 
our first week using  USA Technologies  e-port equipment on I-4 in central  
My interest and inquiry into this process began nearly 2 years  ago.  I had 
difficulty getting the manufacturer to put me in touch  with a business using 
their equipment so I could see it in  action.   I was very pleased and 
surprised to learn that in  Florida, another blind vendor, Dennis Horn, had already 
purchased and  installed these on several snack and drink machines at his 
high profile, award winning. business at the Orange  County Courthouse in 
Orlando Florida.  Dennis  reported that his sales in one particular food machine 
went up about  50% after these were installed..  He answered our questions and 
gave  us some hands on information.
Within a month, I and our FL Committee Chairman, Tom  Spiliotis, each have 
our first 3 acceptors up and running. The units  communicate via ATT& T wireless 
phone hookup and we  are receive detailed reports daily, sent to our 
computers.  We are  excited about capturing new business from a surprising
number of people who travel without cash.   
If you have thought about adding these -- go for  it!
Charles  Hackney          
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