[vendtalk] Blind entrepreneurs benefit from training - final BLAST training agenda posted

Kevan Worley kevanworley at blindmerchants.org
Wed Mar 18 18:40:04 UTC 2009

Greetings colleagues and friends,


There's still time!...


$94 room rates are still available at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown,
877-640-7666. $125 pre-registration rate continues through this week. A
recent check of plane fares indicate that a number of cities are still
offering low fares to Indianapolis. 


Check out the final Business Leadership and Superior Training, networking
and entertaining agenda at www.blindmerchants.org
<http://www.blindmerchants.org/> . Spread the word that this high quality
educational experience still has room for more participants. Encourage our
colleagues and friends to review the agenda. For questions, 866-543-6808.
Looking forward to seeing many of you for our Indianapolis BLAST 09. 


Remember to register online or by calling the office for all of the BLAST 09
extras and excursions. 


1.                  Randolph-Sheppard transformation discussion luncheon.
It's an old fashioned Indiana picnic buffet. Nicky Gacos and special guests
will lead us through a discussion of the changing environment we must
confront and manage. This is our second annual pre-blast luncheon. 12 noon,
Wednesday, April 1, $35. 

2.                  Indianapolis casino night extravaganza. 5:30pm Thursday
evening, April 2, after a long day of training and tradeshow. There are a
number of extras that come with this tour. $35

3.                  Blast will wind down with an idyllic Saturday afternoon
of camaraderie, hospitality and a little education. Easley Winery and the
National Association of Blind Merchants will take you on a fascinating look
at wine making and tasting. You will also enjoy a luncheon. Buses depart
from hotel at 12:30pm Saturday afternoon, April 4. $55


Register for the above 3 events online at www.blindmerchants.org
<http://www.blindmerchants.org/>  or call 866-543-6808. 


When you link to the newly posted BLAST agenda, you will note some new
events and education sessions. And we still may have a surprise or two up
our sleeve. So, even in these tough and challenging times of travel freezes,
economy and budget freezes, pull a rabbit out of your hat and join us for
the magic of Indy BLAST 09.  


At Your Service, 

Kevan Worley


National Association of Blind Merchants

(866) 543-6808


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