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Kevan Worley kevanworley at blindmerchants.org
Mon Aug 23 22:46:35 UTC 2010

Greetings friends,

            Here is something that won't cost you any money. Can you get
everyone on your team to text 101913 to Pepsi at 73774? It is not a
donation. It is simply casting a vote for the Jernigan Institute Youth Slam.
We will be taking 100 disadvantaged blind kids to the University of Maryland
for energetic, hands-on, summer camp experiences focusing on science,
technology, engineering and math. Vote for our Youth Slam once each day this
week so that we can win 250,000.00 to support this great program. Maybe you
could even encourage your customers to do it. It could be a very, very cool
promotion. You should do it too! You can also vote by going to
www.pepsirefresh.com, you can actually vote by texting and again each day at
www.pepsirefresh.com <http://www.pepsirefresh.com/> , and do it from every
computer you have.




At your service,


Kevan Worley

Colorado Springs, CO (The sports & wellness capitol of the world)



P.S. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! CAST YOUR VOTE NOW!  ***Text the number 101913 to
pepsi at 73774. My dear friends, we are competing for $250,000 for our youth
education, science , technology, engineering and math (stem) we will empower
blind youth if we win $250,000. Please text Pepsi every day in August and
beg your friends to do...... so as well.





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