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From: Hartle, Jesse [mailto:JHartle at nfb.org] 
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 12:13 PM
Subject: Legislative Alert-House Passes the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement


S. 841, the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act, was just passed by the House
of Representatives, and will now go to the president to be signed into law.


I want to thank you all for your hard work over the past three years to
protect the right to independent and safe travel for the blind of our
country.  My final ask on this legislation is that we take a moment to
contact the offices of our sponsors-Representative Towns (202-225-5936) and
Representative Stearns (202-225-5744), and Senator Kerry (202-224-2742)-and
thank them for their efforts to get this legislation done.  


Below is a list of all cosponsors by state, so affiliates can make
appropriate calls to members of their delegation that supported this
legislation.  You may be connected to any member of Congress by calling the
Capitol switchboard toll free at (866) 727-4894.  I will alert you all when
I learn of the president's expected signing of this legislation.  


Thank you all again for your outstanding effort to change what it means to
be blind.  


Jesse M. Hartle

Government Programs Specialist


Telephone:  (410) 659-9314, extension 2233

E-mail: jhartle at nfb.org



Sponsors of the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act: 

            Congressman Towns 

            Congressman Stearns

            Senator Kerry 


Cosponsors of the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act:


            Congressman Griffith

            Congressman Mike D. Rogers


            Congressman Young


            Congressman Grijalva

            Congressman Mitchell

            Congressman Pastor


            Senator Lincoln

            Senator Pryor

            Congressman Berry

            Congressman Boozman


            Congressman Baca

            Congressman Berman

            Congressman Bilbray 

            Congressman Calvert

            Congresswoman Capps

            Congresswoman Chu

            Congresswoman Davis

            Congressman Filner

            Congresswoman Harman

            Congressman Honda

            Congresswoman Lee

            Congressman Lungren

            Congresswoman Matsui

            Congressman McNerney

            Congresswoman Richardson 

            Congressman Rohrabacher

            Congresswoman Linda Sanchez

            Congressman Schiff

            Congressman Sherman

            Congresswoman Speier

            Congressman Stark

            Congresswoman Tauscher

            Congresswoman Waters

            Congresswoman Woolsey


            Senator Michael Bennet

            Congressman Coffman

            Congresswoman DeGette

            Congresswoman Markey


            Senator Dodd

            Senator Lieberman

            Congressman Courtney

            Congresswoman DeLauro 

            Congressman Himes

            Congressman John Larson

            Congressman Murphy

District of Columbia

            Congresswoman Norton


            Congressman Bilirakis

            Congresswoman Brown

            Congresswoman Castor

            Congressman Crenshaw

            Congressman Hastings

            Congresswoman Kosmas

            Congressman Meek

            Congressman Mica

            Congressman Miller

            Congressman Posy

            Congressman Putnam

            Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen

            Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz

            Congressman Wexler

            Congressman Bill Young


            Congressman Bishop

            Congressman Johnson

            Congressman Lewis

            Congressman Scott


            Congresswoman Bordallo


            Congressman Abercrombie

            Congresswoman Hirono


            Senator Crapo

            Congressman Minnick


            Senator Burris, has been replaced by Senator Kirk

            Senator Durbin

            Congresswoman Bean

            Congresswoman Biggert

            Congressman Costello

            Congressman Davis

            Congressman Foster

            Congressman Gutierrez

            Congresswoman Halvorson

            Congressman Hare

            Congressman Jackson

            Congressman Johnson

            Congressman/Senator Kirk

            Congressman Lipinski

            Congressman Manzullo

            Congressman Quigley

            Congressman Roskam

            Congresswoman Schakowsky

            Congressman Schock

            Congressman Shimkus


            Senator Bayh

            Congressman Carson

            Congressman Ellsworth

            Congressman Visclosky


            Congressman Boswell

            Congressman Braley

            Congressman King

            Congressman Latham

            Congressman Loebsack


            Senator Brownback

            Congressman Moore


            Congressman Chandler


            Senator Landrieu

            Senator Vitter

            Congressman Alexander

            Congressman Cao

            Congressman Melancon


            Senator Collins

            Senator Snowe

            Congressman Michaud

            Congresswoman Pingree


            Senator Cardin

            Senator Mikulski

            Congressman Bartlett

            Congressman Cummings

            Congresswoman Edwards

            Congressman Kratovil

            Congressman Ruppersberger

            Congressman Sarbanes

            Congressman Van Hollen


            Senator Kennedy

            Congressman Capuano

            Congressman Delahunt

            Congressman Frank

            Congressman Lynch

            Congressman Markey

            Congressman McGovern

            Congressman Neal

            Congressman Olver

            Congressman Tierney

            Congresswoman Tsongas


            Congressman Camp

            Congressman Conyers

            Congressman Kildee


            Congressman Ellison

            Congresswoman McCollum

            Congressman Oberstar

            Congressman Peterson

            Congressman Walz


            Senator Cochran

            Senator Wicker

            Congressman Harper

            Congressman Taylor

            Congressman Bennie Thompson


            Congressman Blunt

            Congressman Carnahan

            Congressman Cleaver

            Congresswoman Emerson

            Congressman Graves

            Congressman Luetkemeyer


            Congressman Terry


            Congresswoman Berkley

            Congresswoman Titus

New Hampshire

            Congressman Hodes

            Congresswoman Shea-Porter

New Jersey

            Congressman Andrews

            Congressman Holt

            Congressman Lance

            Congressman LoBiondo

            Congressman Pallone

            Congressman Pascrell

            Congressman Payne

            Congressman Rothman

            Congressman Sires

            Congressman Smith

New Mexico

            Senator Bingaman

            Senator Tom Udall

            Congressman Heinrich

            Congressman Lujan

            Congressman Teague

New York

            Congresswoman Clarke

            Congressman Hinchey

            Congressman Israel

            Congresswoman Lowey

            Congressman Maffei

            Congresswoman Maloney

            Congressman Nadler

            Congressman Rangel

            Congressman Serrano

            Congresswoman Slaughter

            Congressman Tonko

            Congresswoman Velazquez

North Carolina

            Senator Burr

            Congressman Butterfield

            Congressman Coble

            Congressman Etheridge

            Congressman Jones

            Congressman Kissell

            Congressman McIntyre

            Congressman Brad Miller

            Congressman Price

            Congressman Shuler

North Dakota

            Senator Conrad

            Congressman Pomeroy


            Congressman Driehaus

            Congresswoman Fudge

            Congresswoman Kaptur

            Congresswoman Kilroy

            Congressman Kucinich

            Congressman LaTourette

            Congressman Ryan

            Congresswoman Schmidt

            Congressman Space

            Congresswoman Sutton

            Congressman Turner

            Congressman Wilson


            Congressman Boren


            Congressman Blumenauer

            Congressman DeFazio

            Congressman Wu


            Senator Casey

            Senator Specter

            Congressman Altmire

            Congressman Brady

            Congressman Carney

            Congresswoman Dahlkemper

            Congressman Doyle

            Congressman Fattah 

            Congressman Gerlach

            Congressman Holden

            Congressman Kanjorski

            Congressman Patrick Murphy

            Congressman Tim Murphy

            Congressman Platts

            Congressman Sestak

            Congresswoman Schwartz

            Congressman Glen Thompson

Puerto Rico

            Congressman Pierluisi

Rhode Island

            Congressman Kennedy

            Congressman Langevin

South Carolina

            Congressman Henry Brown

            Congressman Spratt

            Congressman Joe Wilson

South Dakota

            Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin


            Congresswoman Blackburn

            Congressman Cohen

            Congressman Lincoln Davis

            Congressman Roe


            Congressman Doggett

            Congressman Al Green

            Congressman Gene Green

            Congresswoman Jackson-Lee

            Congresswoman Johnson

            Congressman Neugebauer

            Congressman Sessions


            Senator Bennett

            Senator Hatch

            Congressman Bishop

            Congressman Matheson


            Congressman Welch


            Congressman Connolly

            Congressman Forbes

            Congressman Moran

            Congressman Wittman

            Congressman Wolf


            Congressman Rick Larsen

            Congressman McDermott

West Virginia

            Congresswoman Capito

            Congressman Mollohan

            Congressman Rahall


            Senator Feingold

            Congresswoman Baldwin

            Congressman Kagen

            Congresswoman Moore

            Congressman Petri 


            Senator Enzi





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