[vendtalk] 2010 NFB National Convention Agenda Available on NFB-NEWSLINE®

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri Jun 11 23:39:25 UTC 2010

2010 NFB National Convention Agenda Available on NFB-NEWSLINE®

Perk your ears convention-goers, as we've got 
some great news for you!  We are pleased to 
announce that once again the entire agenda of the 
National Federation of the Blind’s national 
convention will be available on NFB-NEWSLINE®, 
helping you to make the most of this grand 
gathering.  With the availability of the agenda, 
you can quickly and easily determine what options 
are available at a particular time and find when 
and where a desired meeting will occur.  We 
believe that this will make it easy to plan your 
convention schedule­made even easier with the new 
access methods available through NFB-NEWSLINE® 
Online.  You can access the agenda in numerous 
ways­by download to your digital talking-book 
player with NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket, by 
reading it on Web News on Demand, and, of course, 
by picking up any touch-tone telephone.

With NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket, you can have 
the full agenda on one small device, providing 
increased portability and effortless access.  You 
can easily scan through each day to learn what 
meetings and events are of interest and determine 
your schedule for the day.  In order to download 
the agenda to your digital talking-book player, 
you'll need to add the agenda to your 
favorites.  This can be done online via our 
favorites management tool under the link for 
“Manage Your In Your Pocket Favorite 
Publications.”  Naturally, you'll need to 
download the NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket 
software, available at 
onto your computer before you can place this 
content on your device.  After you've logged in, 
select the link for NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket, 
which takes you to an informational page with software download links.

Web News on Demand allows you to easily search 
for a particular meeting or event when viewing 
the full agenda on one screen, or you can view 
each day individually.  You can also have the 
contents of the full agenda or a particular day 
or event e-mailed to yourself, and you are now 
able to download a zip file of the agenda to your 
portable note-taking device (such as the 
BrailleNote).  To access Web News on Demand and 
the special features it offers, visit 
and select “Web News on Demand” after logging 
in.  The easiest way to find the agenda is to 
select the link “Publications Organized 
Alphabetically” and search for the title “NFB 2010 Convention Agenda.”

To access the agenda on the phone you'll want to 
enter the main menu (option number five) and 
select “National Meetings of Interest to the 
Print-Disabled” (option number four) from the 
“Newspapers in a Different State” menu.  With the 
recent availability of our on-demand 
article-request feature, you can now request that 
details of a certain meeting or event be sent to 
your e-mail account; you can in this way set up 
your own agenda tailored to your interests and 
obligations.  To use this feature, when listening 
to an article press #9 (pound nine) and the 
desired article will be sent to your e-mail inbox 
automatically, assuming your e-mail address is provided in your account.

If you’d like to experience the flexibility and 
ease of use that is offered by NFB-NEWSLINE® 
Online, please visit 
If you've forgotten your codes, please call us 
toll free at (866) 504-7300.  If you aren't 
signed up for NFB-NEWSLINE®, visit 
to download an application or fill in the online application.

                         David Andrews:  dandrews at visi.com
Follow me on Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/dandrews920

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