[vendtalk] Quick and Crispy Question

Harlon Cowsar II deucehc at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 01:15:58 UTC 2010

Hello, Friends:

     I hav a little situation in my facility that I am hoping you guys can
help me with. I have only been in my facility for about eight and a half
months and things have been going pretty well. I have been fortunate enough
to have an Auto-Fry in my facility and it has bee pretty wonderful. There is
another Randolph-Sheppard facility about 250 feet from mine and, because
they have no labor to pay, they have a bit of an advantage ofer me. The
advantage that I have is that I have an Auto-Fry and they do not.
     My problem is that am having issues with disposing of the used cooking
oil. I have found companies that willco pick it up for free and one that
will even pay me for it but they all want much larger quantities than I can
provide with my current storage capabilities. They will provide me with a
storage unit in the parking lot but it must be at least a 55 gallon drum and
they would prefer a hundred gallon unit.
     I have tried to get the State Building Supervisor to allow me to do
this but they will not. I have tried talking with local companies that clean
grease traps but the cost that they want to provide this service is very
prohibitive and borders on absurd.
     I have been trying to work with my RSMA on this issue and today she
came to me with a newproposal. She suggested that, if I would be willing to
get rid of my Auto-Fry, then the state would be willing to purchase me 2
Quick and Crispy Greaseless Friers and a 26 inch glass front warmer. I have
never used this particular device and, while it sounds likry nice addition
to my Auto-Fry, I am not too sure that I can use it as a replacement.
     I would appreciate any input you guys can give me on this device. Will
it work as well as my Auto-Fry? Will it do small individual servings of
foods like french fries? Will the quality of my products decline with the
use of this  system? Can this device prepare all of the same types of fried
foods thatmy Auto-Fry can prepare? What about he cooking times on the
various items? Will this device cook these foods as quickly as my Auto-Fry
or will it cause my customers to wait in line longer to receive their
orders? Is it more complicated to use than the Auto-Fry?
     If anyone out there has this device in their facility or knows anything
about it, please write and let me know what you think. I have to figure out
some kind of solution to this grease situation. The simplest and most
obvious answer would simply be to install the storage unit outside and be
done with it but, with the current attitudes from the state, that does not
seem like it is going to happen.
     Thanks for the information and good luck to you all.

LA Cafe'
Alexandria, Louisiana

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