[vendtalk] CHANGE IS GOOD?

Tom Evans tevans2003 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 18 13:10:25 UTC 2010

At the recent conference in DC, they had bags that had a stamped price of
seventy five cents.

I have always done cans with great success.  they vend better, get colder,
more units in the machine, more variety, easier to carry, less in cost, one
time use instead of carrying a bottle around that reseals.  I was forced to
go from cans to bottles.  They thought it was safer for my inmates.  I have
lost maybe 2k in sales in a month.  I personally do not want all that soda
and the higher price.  You can also market cans as portion control.  We
never talk about that, in dieting.  You can eat what you want, maybe not as
big of a helping.

Hope this helps
Tom Evans

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Has anyone out there in vending land, in  an  effort to enhance the 
customer's vending experience  (lower the check), switched from LSS to SS
And has anyone cut  back on bottles and increased their canned soda line up?

Was it a  success?
Charles Hackney  
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