[vendtalk] FW: Final Reminder: FDA Comments Due Today!

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Subject: Final Reminder: FDA Comments Due Today!


Good afternoon BEA members:


I am writing once again to remind you of the looming deadline to submit
comments to the FDA on the implementation of the law requiring the posting
of calorie content for snacks and beverages sold from vending machines.
Comments must be submitted by 11:59PM eastern, tonight, on
www.regulations.gov. Attached to this message you will find a template to
use in submitting your comments. Please fill the template with your
information and delete all instructions before submitting. If you have any
trouble uploading your comments, please email them to Catriona at
cmacdonald at linchpinstrategies.com, and we will be sure the comments are


While we applaud the Iowa Department for the Blind, and others who have
submitted their comments to the FDA, as of this morning, there have been
only 264 comments submitted, the majority of which either voice support for
or opposition to the law, and are therefore irrelevant. The FDA is seeking
input on the implementation of the law, and not comments on the merits of
the law itself. It is vitally important that the FDA hear from as many blind
entrepreneurs as possible regarding the implementation of the requirement to
post calorie content in order to protect Randolph-Sheppard businesses.


If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for your work!


Take care,




Sean Whalen

Policy Associate

Linchpin Strategies, LLC


639 Massachusetts Ave NE

Washington, DC 20002

Phone:  (866) 443-0998

Fax:       (202) 318-8113


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