[vendtalk] IT IS CRUNCH TIME!!!

Kevan Worley kevanworley at blindmerchants.org
Wed Sep 8 20:43:06 UTC 2010



        Larger rebates than ever before on top ten Frito Lay products and
all NEW Frito Lay products. Get rebates between 25 cents and one dollar for
each case that you sell! Take advantage of this six month promotion!!!

National Association of Blind Merchants has worked on a new rebate program
with Frito Lay. Forget about any programs with which you may have worked to
receive discounts in the past from Frito Lay. This new program will bring
bigger rebates to every blind vendor and will bring support for advocacy
programs. This is truly exciting news for you and all of your colleagues.
National Association of Blind Merchants is proud to be one of the most
important Associations handling this incredible buying opportunity. 

            If you purchase your Frito Lay products from one of the
major/regional vend distributors you will likely qualify. It is easy extra
money, and it takes only a moment to register. You already sell Frito Lay,
so get some money back! We just need your account number, the address of
your business and the vend distributor from which you purchase. It is that
simple! You can e-mail the info to Kevan Worley at
kevanworley at blindmerchants.org. (Put Frito Lay in your subject line.) Or you
can call Nicky Gacos (866-543-6808, ext.10). The program began July 1st 2010
and runs through the end of this year. Your rebate will be calculated
retro-active beginning July 1st if you can get your account number, name of
vend distributor, and business address submitted to us by September 15th .
Rebates will range from 25 cents to one dollar per case on the top ten
Frito-Lay products you buy, and on all new Frito Lay products.

            Sell more, save more, submit your information immediately! Help
all of your Blind Vendor colleagues by sending this on to them.

Remember this offer is good for all Blind Vendors when they sell the top ten
Frito Lay products and all new Frito Lay products that are purchased through
one of the primary vend distributors. 

All Blind Vendors, do not delay! Act now!



At your service,


Kevan Worley

Colorado Springs, CO (The sports & wellness capitol of the world)




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